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Classification of switch socket what are the types of switch socket Abstract: what are the types of switch socket? Switch socket is an essential item in home decoration. There are many kinds of switch socket. Different kinds have different usages. What are the classifications of switch socket? What are the various uses of switch sockets

1. The switch is divided into one open/two open/three open/four open (also known as single connection, double connection, triple four or one two position, three position, four position, etc.; several switches are side by side to promote the further development of China Mongolia good neighborly and mutual trust fire partnership. Different lights are controlled on the board, commonly known as multi position switch), and the switch is divided into single control and double control. For example: one opening single control and one opening double control; Two opening and two control

2. Single control switch: it can only be opened here, which is the border. One switch controls one lamp, two switches control two different lamps, three switches control three different lamps, and four switches control four different lamps

P> it is necessary to switch on and off the two doors of the hall at the same time. If the door and the bed are set at different places, only one side can be switched on and off at the same time. Single control cannot be used as double control. Double control can be used as single control

4. Single control switch socket: it can control the power on and off of the socket, which is convenient to use. The plug should not be pulled out. It can also be used as a switch alone. It is mostly used in common electrical appliances, such as microwave oven, washing machine, separate control mirror front lamp, etc

5, dual control switch with socket: it has the function of single control switch with socket. This switch can also control the lights on both sides together with another double control switch

6. Multifunctional socket: it can be compatible with old-fashioned and foreign standard round pin plug, square pin plug, etc

7. Three hole socket: the three holes are divided into 10a16a25a. Commonly used household appliances use 10A three holes, such as refrigerator, washing machine, range hood lamp, commonly used wall air conditioner, 1.5p/2p water heater generally needs 16A three holes, and generally, the standing cabinet air conditioner 3P needs more than 20A

8. Information socket; Also known as weak current socket, it refers to computer and TV sockets, which are expensive due to the high market price of the plug-in module at the back end

9. Dual TV and dual computer sockets are independent wiring, not divided into two

1. This thermoplastic composite door made of qee-tech 3D preform is only composed of six parts. 0. The socket wiring is generally four core. If your wire is two core, Then you can connect numbers 2 and 3. If it is a four core, connect

11. Computer socket wiring: 1 pair of yellow and white, 2 pairs of yellow, 3 pairs of green and white, 4 pairs of blue, 5 pairs of blue and white, 6 pairs of green, 7 pairs of brown and white and 8 pairs of brown. Special wiring tools are required for wiring. Conventional wiring can be completed within three times without failure. 2: when the press increases the load test, the tension can not be lifted up, and the wiring can be repeated for many times, which will cause damage to the computer module

12. Dimming speed regulation and tuning switch the current dimming switch can only be used on incandescent lamps (i.e. bulbs). Dimming can only adjust the light and dark of the lamp, and can not save power. Speed regulation is now usually stepless speed regulation. Tuning is to adjust the volume

13. Special switch: touch delay switch, human body can only sense switch, sound light control switch, remote control switch, remote sensing switch and light

14. Night light switch: the switch is equipped with fluorescent or low light indicator light, which is convenient to find the position at night

15. Blank panel: used to close the reserved plug-in box on the wall or the abandoned wall hole

16. Bottom box: the switch socket must purchase the corresponding bottom box. For example, the 86 switch socket must correspond to the 86 bottom box. When installing the bottom box, the two screw holes are generally left and right. Now some switches have four screw holes, namely up, down, left and right. Generally, it is intuitive. We can see the screw holes up and down. The left and right screw holes are under the switch press plate. You need to buckle the press plate to see it, so buyers don't have to worry about the inconsistency between the left and right when the switch is installed

17. Switch waterproof box: the switch waterproof box is relatively thin. It can only be used on the switch to close the whole panel. The waterproof closure of the socket is relatively thick, which can be used on the switch socket, and the waterproof end is provided with an outlet hole

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