Classification of various transmission parts

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Various types: classification of transmission parts

idler group has a wide range of types, wide application range and excellent quality. It is divided into various groove idler groups, various parallel idler groups, various self-aligning idler groups and various buffer idler groups. It is divided into rubber roller, porcelain roller, nylon idler and insulating idler according to material. Its dimensions can meet the installation requirements of TD75 belt conveyor. In special cases, the dimensions can be indicated and ordered. Grooved idlers include ordinary type, forward inclined type, quick change bearing type, hanging type, variable groove angle type, transition type, V type, etc; Parallel idlers include ordinary type, comb type, forward inclined type, steel rubber type, spiral type, etc; Self aligning idler has universal type, friction reversible type, strong type, cone type, spiral type, combined type, etc; Buffer idler has spring plate type, buffer ring type, strong buffer type, adjustable elastic force type, hanging type, etc. The roller made of various methods is of advanced structure, high accuracy and high quality. The material for roller skin is strictly selected, and high quality special welded pipe is adopted, with strict tolerance requirements. The shaft material is cold drawn round steel, the bearing seat is stamped with high-quality steel plate, the sealing structure is PDC type, and the three-way sealing device has dust-proof and waterproof performance. Today, this proportion has fallen to less than 20%, which is better than the relevant national standards. After assembly, the roller has good strength, small meridional runout, small rotation resistance, light weight, low energy consumption and long service life, generally more than 30000 hours

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