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At the 2018 (spring) new product launch of ruyushui soft clothing boutique, curtain, wall cloth, wall background, furniture, lighting, accessories, pillows, carpets soft clothing boutique series came on stage


new product launch 2018 (spring) of Ruyu Deshui soft clothing boutique

curtain, wall cloth, wall background, furniture, lighting,

jewelry, pillows, carpets soft clothing boutique series debut

boundless art | boundless fashion

fashion cut from Ruyu Deshui new fabric

T-stage display by models

cross border combination of fabric art and fashion, presenting you with a different trend

boutique curtains, hanging in front of the window

is a kind of art with a sense of fashion and classic style

boutique wall cloth, which is pasted on the wall

is a seemingly low-key but silently amazing "green leaf" of the whole family

they are more difficult to grasp than fast iterative fashion

only those that can stand the test of time are real fashion

2018 spring new products

adopt brand-new fabrics, accessories and processes, The highly demanding fabric

structure, texture, color, pattern

and constantly innovative styles, shapes, patterns, decorations

simply and directly show you the excellent quality of Ruyu Deshui

fashion, comfort, taste, so that people all over the world love to go home

Ruyu Deshui four R & D studios design, release hundreds of new fashion products every year, and meet the personalized needs of the majority of specialty stores and users. The intelligent production system is online, the productivity is doubled, and more orders are carried. As long as you join, even if you haven't done soft packaging for a day, we can also let you stand at the forefront of the industry! Investment hotline: 057187701111





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