How to distinguish the quality of wood customized

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Because the whole wood customization can make reasonable use of space according to the house type, it can better unify the decoration style of the house, and there are more rumors outside that it can be customized, and the materials used are environmental friendly, which are favored by consumers, but consumers only have a preliminary understanding. For example, the whole wood customization can be customized, yes, it can be customized, but it can't be too outrageous, For example, the normal depth of a cabinet is 550mm-600mm, and you have to make it 700mm. In this case, it can be done, but it is inconvenient to use. In addition, consumers don't know much about the materials used in the whole wood customization, let alone distinguish the quality of the materials. Next, I'll tell you how to distinguish the quality of the materials of the whole wood customized furniture

first of all, we should learn to look at the materials used in the whole wood customized furniture. At present, most of the materials in the market are logs, solid wood multi-layer and particle board. However, no matter what the materials are, they are the same. The surface of good materials is flat and smooth, and the level is also very clear, and there are no phenomena of patching, glue leakage and dryness

secondly, smell it. I think everyone will do it, and everyone knows that formaldehyde is released from the board, which will seriously affect our physical and mental health. Xiaobian reminds: the glue used in good boards is certified by environmental protection, and even if many are stacked together, it will not emit a very pungent smell; Anyway, plates that fail to pass the environmental protection certification will emit a very obvious chemical smell

finally, some tools can be used to measure the moisture content of plates. The normal moisture content of plates is within 16%. If the moisture content of plates is higher than this number, they may become moldy or deformed after being used for a period of time. You can also saw a small sample from the merchant to see how dense the inner core is, and touch the hand feeling, etc

board, as the core of the whole wood customized furniture, is the most important part of the whole wood customized decoration in our home. The use of good board not only determines the quality of the whole furniture, but also can protect our health. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the choice of materials




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