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Water floor heating is a very comfortable way of household heating, which is consistent with the physiological needs of human body for heating. If floor heating is installed at home, the indoor temperature will become uniform, and the room temperature will gradually decrease from bottom to top. "Warm feet and cool head" can give people a very comfortable feeling. Enjoyment is happiness, but choice is often painful. At present, there are many floor heating companies, brands and construction units in the market. How to make the best choice is a very important topic. What problems do you usually consider when choosing floor heating? Now let's listen to the camel floor heating Xiaobian

first, do you want to choose a big brand

China's floor heating industry started relatively late, and its development can be said to be just on track. For any industry, in order to achieve long-term development, product brand is very important

brand is the guarantee of quality to a certain extent. Generally, major brands have undergone strict international quality testing, which can not only avoid potential safety hazards, but also allow users to get more considerate service and higher satisfaction. Therefore, users are advised to choose some well-known brands when choosing floor heating. Such floor heating will certainly be more secure than miscellaneous brands. Camel floor heating is the only floor heating enterprise in China that integrates "manufacturing, construction and after-sales". The manufacturer is fully responsible for the design, manufacturing, construction, installation and after-sales of camel floor heating. Camel floor heating has changed the relative disconnection between the manufacturing, construction and after-sales of the previous floor heating industry, which has contributed to the standardization of the domestic floor heating market

second, do you want to choose the expensive one or the cheap one

nowadays, the prices of different brands of floor heating in China's floor heating market vary greatly, which accounts for almost negligible proportion in house prices. However, many developers and users will still care about the price

under the mixed situation of the floor heating market and the consumer psychology of users who are greedy for cheap, many low-cost and low-quality floor heating occupy a competitive advantage in individual projects, ultimately affecting the heating effect and causing failure cases of floor heating

sadly, these users who have suffered from inferior floor heating do not think it is their choice. Most of them will think it is the problem of floor heating, which will eventually have a negative impact on the whole industry

when some enterprises cannot exercise self-discipline, and when unqualified products have been flowing into the market to confuse users' choices, we should also polish our eyes, ensure rational consumption, value the comprehensive performance of products, and not be confused by low prices

third, how to judge the product quality of floor heating

floor heating is an invisible system. Once installed, it must be used for a long time, and it is impossible to maintain it often. Therefore, the quality of floor heating is the top priority. However, many problems of the floor heating system will gradually appear in the later use process. We can't make professional judgments only from the beginning. Therefore, I would like to remind you to choose regular enterprises and brands that have passed strict product quality tests

good floor heating has a service life of at least 50 years. Therefore, high-quality products should be selected for floor heating pipes and other auxiliary materials to ensure better use effect and eliminate potential safety hazards

fourth, how to judge the professionalism of floor heating enterprises

qualification is one aspect of professionalism. Floor heating is a special project with certain technical content. Therefore, when selecting construction units, we should investigate the qualifications of some floor heating companies to provide effective protection for floor heating products

as the saying goes, three products and seven installations. Therefore, standardized construction technology, auxiliary material selection, solutions and after-sales service are all crucial

professional floor heating companies have strict management systems from sales to design and construction. Staff must undergo formal training and have a professional understanding of the knowledge and technology of the industry in order to better develop the best floor heating solutions for customers

fifth, who will guarantee the quality of floor heating

many "ground heating guerrillas" have no fixed office space, no inventory, no after-sales service, no qualification, but put on a false name of the so-called manufacturer's authorization, and change a place with one shot. Users find that there is no way to complain about problems and can only recognize bad luck

regular floor heating companies will be responsible for products and users

sixth, how to solve the problem of energy consumption of floor heating

don't be misled by the rumor of "energy consumption of floor heating". Energy saving of floor heating is one of its many advantages. The temperature controller of floor heating has the function of regulating temperature and saving energy consumption. This is crucial for both users and the whole society. Of course, the premise must be first-class floor heating products with first-class quality and system installation

there are primary to tertiary energy consuming floor heating products in the current market. If those energy consuming floor heating products are selected, the advantages of floor heating will become disadvantages. This reminds us once again how important the brand, quality, qualification and specialty of floor heating are





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