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[Yihe doors and windows] with the continuous maturity and development of the wooden door industry, the market intensity goes without saying. Therefore, in the face of such a severe market elimination competition, Guangdong wooden door enterprises must make deep efforts in products and services. However, with the promotion of market competition, the forms of competition between them have also become diversified. Therefore, how to gain advantages through diversified competition is a problem that Guangdong wooden door enterprises must ponder

attach importance to talent competition

the growth process of wooden door industry is very short, but the number of brands entering this industry has increased sharply. It leads to the lack of talents in the industry, and the mutual digging of walls among Guangdong wooden door enterprises leads to a large flow of talents, which seriously affects the growth of brands. Talent competition is not only a difficulty faced by manufacturers, but also the achievement faced by terminal agents will be more stringent. The growth of many brands in a market sometimes leads to the brand's failure in the local market due to the loss of a key employee

attach importance to profitable competition

the growth of the wooden door industry in the past few years basically depended on the local liberalization of agents. The brand manufacturers' marketing plan for the terminal was not rigorous and the support was not strong. With the increasingly fierce brand competition, the dividend form of the brand is becoming more and more tense. It is impossible to increase the sales of three or four million at most by relying on the large number of dealers alone. The form of dividends tightens the brand marketing plan, cost accounting, cost control and service

in the pace of the growth of the wooden door industry, mature product quality and high-quality after-sales services have always been the upper hand in the competition for a century. Guangdong wooden door enterprises need to grow in many ways. Only by promoting the comprehensive strength of the enterprise can they raise the siege in the vast "battlefield" and seek a place

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