Jingwu gate and wooden gate celebrate the double f

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Celebrate the two festivals together, and give thanks to customers for their support and love

at this moment

is the best year of life

Angelopoulos once said

"the first thing God created is travel,

followed by doubt and homesickness."

National Day Mid Autumn Festival, double festival celebration

rush to a feast of soul,

a spiritual baptism, a magnificent adventure

maybe now you're thinking about packing your bags

maybe you're holding your mobile phone to call friends to meet for a small gathering

maybe you've made a scenic spot strategy · · · · · · ·

but the editor still wants you to see the following "story" first

to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day

Jingwu gate specially launched the hi purchase gift activity

to thank the support and love of our customers

activity time: September 20, 2018 - October 5, 2018

activity location: Jingwu gate indoor door

Fashion wooden door double gift, double festival feedback activity

Haoli I

Jingwu gate a variety of activities, surprise attack, are you excited?! If not, then go down to ·······

Haoli II

I. give a piece of exquisite mat to the emperor of Jingwu for a single household with an amount of over 1500 yuan

II. Give a stainless steel rose gold luxury thermos for a single household with an amount of over 3000 yuan

note: the final interpretation of this activity belongs to Jingwu gate

Jingwu emperor wooden door double festival feedback activity

I A stainless steel rose gold Deluxe thermos bottle with a single household amount of more than 3000 yuan

II. A discount of 50 yuan for 0125 style (inner buckle, wide buckle, core buckle process)

III. a discount of 80 yuan for 0128 style (core buckle process)

note: the steel wooden door will not participate in this activity

note: the final interpretation of this activity belongs to Jingwu door

after working hard for more than half a year and surviving the hot summer

bring your parents and loved ones Children

on this holiday, come to the JingWuMen indoor door to have a look

you are responsible for happiness, and I "door" is responsible for the safety of your home

thank customers and friends all over the country for their support and trust in JingWuMen

don't miss the opportunity to come again

JingWuMen doors 2018 to join a good project, and immediately call the joining hotline: 400-1655-968, fortune is with you





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