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With the rise of the real estate industry, the rapid development of the Internet and leading technology, China's building materials industry has now entered a new era. In particular, the increase in the number of people buying houses has greatly promoted the development of the building materials decoration industry. So, what is the development trend of the decoration industry this year

customized decoration has become a new trend

decoration enterprises have turned to diversified development

the development of economy has changed people's consumption concept. Simple decoration style has been abandoned by modern people. Now many family decoration like to adopt customized decoration, such as floor customization, window curtain customization, sofa customization, etc., to meet personal preferences. Customization makes the decorated house more unique and greatly meets people's pursuit of differentiation and fashion

today's decoration enterprises have gradually moved from traditional mode to diversified development. It is no longer just simple decoration, but also provide users with more intimate customized services. No matter what industry there is competition, so is the building materials and decoration industry. Now it will be more and more difficult for small decoration companies to gain a foothold in society

green material selection is the only way to go

branding is the future development trend

many decoration industries have developed from small companies to large decoration groups, and have started an independent brand, moving towards the road of chain development. Because now people have already had the brand concept, just like buying air conditioners, they will care about not only practicality, but also what brand it is. Good brands greatly promote people's purchase, so in the future, the building materials and decoration industry will move towards brand development, and the competition is only between brands

a good brand image is not easy to come by. It is a long-term accumulation and development process. In the process of establishing the brand image, good services are needed, such as providing customers with services in the early, middle and late stages. At the same time, the quality should be good enough, and there is no inferior decoration. After all, word-of-mouth is spread from one to ten, from ten to hundreds, and slowly develops

at the same time, for the future sustainable development, green design and green material selection are also the only way for the development of building materials and decoration industry, and also an important consideration for consumers in the future

with the rapid development of the Internet industry, many people like to learn about decoration from online channels, and realize the way of online design, online communication and offline transaction. Therefore, the future decoration companies should not only develop offline channels, but also online sales mode. In addition, with the development of big data and AI Artificial Intelligence in the future, smart home is the development direction of the future

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