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Red net time, November 23 (reporter Huang Yiping) the competition in the decoration market has never been so intense as today

on the one hand, apple decoration, xiju installation decoration and other enterprises frequently broke out "runaway" scandals, which caused an uproar in the industry. On the other hand, leading installation enterprises such as Jinhuang decoration expanded steadily and their performance rose. In 2018, the differentiation of decoration market in Hunan and even the whole country became more and more obvious, and the internal "elimination competition" was being staged, "close combat" became the best description of market competition

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another decoration company fell! Hunan xiju decoration installation suspected to owe tens of millions of "running away"

Hunan xiju'an decoration "running away" event continued: Yueyang xiju'an emergency rename

some people are happy and some are sad

decoration enterprise performance is mixed

"2018 will be a watershed in the home decoration industry, and the gold rush period in the home decoration market will not exceed 3 years." Tong binyuan, chairman of Jinhuang Decoration Group, once said frankly

one word becomes prophecy. The home decoration market, which once grew rapidly, was suspended in 2018

in the first half of 2018, the apple decoration of "leading enterprise in Hunan home decoration industry" closed down; In November 2018, Xijuan decoration, which has a history of nearly 18 years, collapsed overnight; Until the first half of 2018, tuba rabbit had an operating loss of 10.6 million yuan and a sales and marketing expenditure of 120 million yuan... It was increasingly difficult to attract and obtain customers, and the consumer demand was getting higher and higher. Every link was testing the strength and quality of home decoration enterprises

the elimination race is still continuing, and the second and third tier brands are gradually weakening. Enterprises with stronger brand influence, construction ability, delivery ability and other comprehensive strength, such as Jinhuang Decoration Group, are developing better

in 2018, Jinhuang decoration group not only completed the layout of the industrial chain from home decoration to diatom mud, building energy-saving materials, decoration assembly and personalized customization, as well as the full intelligent environmental protection home series, but also issued supporting orders with a sales value of 4.5 billion to the world on November 20, involving 19 major categories of main materials such as wood floors, tiles, sanitary ware, cabinets, as well as 55 categories of equipment such as water supply and drainage pipes, elbows, cables, waterproof, stainless steel, etc, Nearly 500 suppliers were attracted to the site

the group will set up a "gold standard" for supplier access through centralized procurement, in which four requirements above first-line well-known brands in the industry, national distribution services, products meeting national standards, industry standards and enterprise credit rating AAAA are listed separately

Tong binyuan introduced that in the past, purchases were made on the basis of the partners accumulated by the group over the years. With the continuous development and expansion of Jinhuang group in recent years, some brands have been unable to meet the current needs of Jinhuang group, and the partners need to further improve and optimize. Therefore, this time, it is a complete public bidding to attract more domestic and foreign first-line brands into the supplier team of Jinhuang

preferential overweight

consumers tend to consume rationally

markets that encounter a cold wave need more promotion to activate. In order to seize the market, the preferential promotion efforts of decoration enterprises have been significantly increased

in November, Jinhuang decoration held the fourth home decoration Free Gift Festival, with a limit of 500 people sharing 30million free gifts. Each household can save an average of 60000 yuan, directly driving the rise of its home decoration business; Brand decoration enterprises, Suning Tesco and Mengjie home textile jointly launched the Hunan home decoration double 11 shopping fair and the double 11 Hunan Koi activity; During the "double 11", incredibly home and tmall started the online and offline global Carnival at the same time, with discounts, discounts, free tickets, and gifts

the front-line camp competes fiercely, and small and medium-sized decoration enterprises are not idle. The reporter found that in Hunan decoration market, almost every decoration enterprise is vigorously promoting sales, and promotional patterns emerge in endlessly

Price is not the only factor that moves consumers. Nowadays, China's home decoration and home furnishing industry has gone through a period of barbaric growth, and the demand for personalization has soared. When decorating, consumers are no longer like before, but require complete furniture and can live. Pursuing grade, personality and meeting their own taste have become many people's new needs for home decoration

customer acquisition, material procurement, construction, management, after-sales... Decoration enterprises need to effectively integrate cost control, design capacity, construction management, after-sales service and other links, and each link also needs to be more accurately controlled

"consumer demand is updating, and home decoration enterprises are facing increasing challenges. If the strength and level of home decoration enterprises stagnate, consumers cannot obtain the services they want, and it is easy to be replaced and eliminated in the fierce competition in the home decoration market." Tong binyuan said

the reshuffle continues

decoration enterprises are facing the big test

"in the second half of 2018, the general performance decline in the decoration industry has become an indisputable fact." According to insiders, the entry threshold of the home decoration industry is low. Some enterprises play the price card to compete for market share, ignoring their own strength and reputation quality. Some home decoration companies with insufficient financial strength and nonstandard operation have exposed problems, resulting in the phenomenon of broken capital chain, enterprise bankruptcy and boss running away

yaobaolin, President of Hunan interior decoration Association, said that brand and service determine the market share of decoration enterprises. The market prospect of Hunan home decoration is still good, but the competition is still fierce. Decoration enterprises should be fully prepared to strengthen enterprise management, risk prediction and prevention

it is conceivable that in the future, with the continuous standardization and improvement of the decoration market, the market dividends under the barbaric growth will disappear, and some decoration enterprises with weak management, construction, capital and other weak enterprises will survive hard, and their strength will become the key to the competition

the battle for decoration market may just begin




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