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Yan'an mechanical winding FRP septic tank size 44wckq8w glass glue shall be applied at the cross corners of all connecting braces. The screw opening of the inner and outer iron sheets connecting the lacing bar shall be slightly larger for convenience, and then the lacing bar shall be connected. When connecting the lacing iron sheet, first tighten the outermost screw on the outside, then tighten the screw in the water tank, and finally tighten the screw close to the water tank on the outside. After adding the tie bar, remember to add plugs at the four corners of the water supply tank and the 14 corners of the connection between the bottom plate and the side plate. Remember to apply more glass glue.

Yan'an mechanical winding FRP septic tank size

the backfill shall not contain hard blocks such as organic matter, frozen soil and large bricks and stones. It shall not be backfilled with construction waste, but shall be backfilled with fine-grained soil; The backfilling can be carried out according to the virtual paving thickness of each layer of 250mm. It is advisable to use manual work instead of local strong impact. Special attention shall be paid to the backfilling of the liquid corner at the lower part of the product. At the same time, the provisions on backfill in the construction specifications shall be observed. The compactness shall be implemented according to the design requirements or construction regulations

Yan'an mechanical winding FRP septic tank size

8. The product is composed of two parts: the functional modification of plastics and the treatment of various nano materials. It is internally equipped with a pair of continuous two-way circulating water flashing devices. The tank is divided into three boxes by the mixed membrane partition plate: the first box is the primary septic tank, which enters the secondary septic tank through the circulating packing box, The sewage passing through the secondary putrefaction tank then enters the third treatment tank through the circulating stuffing box. Three dimensional elastic packing is set in the packing box and treatment tank to form a three-stage biochemical treatment device. Compared with hard honeycomb fillers, soft and semi soft fillers, three-dimensional elastic fillers have large pore variability, no blockage, long material life, no adhesion and agglomeration, large surface cross-sectional area and rapid film deposition. They are the most efficient and energy-saving novel fillers at present. The two-way circulating flow membrane device increases the flow of sewage in the tank, increases the retention time of sewage in the tank, improves the degree of biodegradation, greatly reduces the index of COD and ammonia nitrogen in sewage, and also has comprehensive functions such as grid and filtration. After treatment, the water quality can reach the national secondary discharge standard

3. Working principle of domestic FRP septic tank: the sewage is first discharged from the water inlet to the first grid. In the first grid, the solids with a large proportion and insect eggs are precipitated, and the preliminary fermentation decomposition begins. The sewage treated in the first grid can be divided into three layers: pasty fecal skin, relatively clear fecal liquid and solid fecal residue. The preliminarily decomposed fecal liquid flows into the second cell, while the fecal skin floating above and the fecal residue deposited below remain in the first cell for further fermentation. In the second cell, the fecal liquid continues to ferment and decompose, the insect eggs continue to sink, the pathogens gradually die, and the fecal liquid is further harmless. The ports of 8 Institute, 3 Asia and Qinglan port are important ports. The thickness of fecal skin and fecal residue is significantly reduced compared with that in the first cell. The fecal liquid flowing into the third compartment has generally been decomposed, in which the bacteria and insect eggs have been basically killed. The third cell is mainly used to temporarily store the basically harmless fecal liquid

FRP reservoir can only be used under planned conditions, and the medium can not be changed at will; If the medium is changed under satisfactory planning conditions, it shall be cleaned; Prevent contact with sharp and hard objects; If any damage is found, it shall be repaired in time; Prevent long-term exposure to the sun and use in harsh environments; Always clean

1. Before entering the glass fiber reinforced plastic water storage tank for maintenance, all feed valves shall be closed, the tank shall be emptied and cleaned. After inspection, it is confirmed that there is no toxic gas in the tank and the mechanical properties of the material are improved. Only when there is no oxygen deficiency can the tank be entered. Soft soled shoes shall be worn inside the tank, safety belts shall be tied and the other end of the safety belt shall be tied to the tank top. Pay attention to the ventilation in the tank. The operation inside the tank must be carried out by personnel under the monitoring outside the tank

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