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Dingyuhua: the tire industry must take the path of low-carbon economy and green manufacturing. The picture shows the chairman and President of triangle Tire Co., Ltd. dingyuhua. Since last year, the development of China's automobile industry has fallen into a trough. Does the tire industry, which is closely related to it, also feel the attack of the cold climate? Dingyuhua, chairman of Triangle Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the tire preparation industry, which is replacing incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and fluorescent lamp lighting system with LED lighting according to the relevant provisions of gb/t15340, said that the contradiction between economy, energy and environment in the development of tire industry is becoming increasingly prominent. In the future, triangle group will be based on the coordinated development of economy, society and environmental protection, and take a good role in low-carbon economy Green manufacturing

dingyuhua, who attended the "2012 automobile and tire industry summit forum" and the global business summit, has unique views on the development of the tire industry. He believes that globalization has forced the automobile and tire industry to accelerate into the era of energy conservation and environmental protection. With the development of the global economy, human society feels that the energy consumption and environmental crisis are more and more serious than the economic crisis

at present, the number of cars in China has exceeded billion, and the annual output has exceeded 18million for two consecutive years. Under the background of economic globalization, energy conservation, safety and environmental protection have increasingly become the core of the global automotive industry reform

dingyuhua said that as an important high-speed running part of the automobile, the energy consumption of the tire during the driving process accounts for nearly 20% of the energy consumption of the whole vehicle, second only to the engine. In addition to the engine, energy-saving tire products can bring more than 5% fuel-saving effect to the automobile, which makes the tire an important carrier of automobile energy-saving brand innovation

since november1,2002, developed countries and regions around the world have begun to implement mandatory laws and regulations to carry out graded management of tires, and make clear provisions in terms of fuel economy, energy consumption efficiency, noise, etc., so as to further improve the access standards for tire use and strive to promote consumers' green consumption. "China is also speeding up the formulation of green manufacturing and consumption standards to promote the technological upgrading and upgrading of tire products," dingyuhua said. It can be said that after experiencing the test of the economic crisis, the automobile and tire and their independent completion of the experimental process include the setting of experimental parameters, the control of experimental process, data collection, processing The analysis shows that his manufacturing industry is at a new inflection point and in the process of challenging industrial upgrading

how can China's tire industry achieve better development in the future? Dingyuhua put forward some experiences of the triangle group. He said that

should be based on the coordinated development of economy, society and environmental protection, take the path of low-carbon economy and green manufacturing, and create a new productivity model for tire industry and information development. The core work of the triangle group is to grasp the following three points: first, take the protection of the earth's green home as the premise and basis of development strategic decision-making; Second, use scientific and technological innovation to move towards the future and promote industrial upgrading and the development of environmental and ecological changes; Third, use standards to lead development, keep pace with the global economy, challenge the future and achieve win-win results

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