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Direct offset printing of corrugated paperboard

with the successful development of new fine corrugated paperboard, special blanket and ink, the direct offset printing technology of corrugated paperboard is becoming more and more mature. Offset printing is the most popular printing method with the most mature technology in China, and the printing quality is also widely recognized. It is believed that this direct offset printing method will become a processing means with strong market appeal in China. But at present, this new technology is only applicable to fine corrugated board, especially G-type and F-type corrugated board

corrugated board direct printing has the advantages of high production efficiency, low material consumption, low production cost, large product specification, wide application range, high carton strength, neat appearance and environmental protection. It is the main process of corrugated box printing. The global demand for this technology shows that it is increasingly accepted in offset printing and flexo printing. Even in the future, the printing quality that flexographic printing cannot achieve can be achieved in offset printing, because relief printing has its limitations up to now. The printing quality requirements of the packaging industry continue to grow. The performance of packaging design in excellent product transportation and external packaging further promotes the offset printing of corrugated board

pre printing can be processed by flexographic printing, gravure printing and other printing methods. This method can ensure high printing quality and overprint accuracy, with fast printing speed and high output, but it needs to be rewound after printing, and the maximum bending moment of the rectangular section sample is on the same line; The maximum bending moment on the 4-point bending specimen of circular section is on one line to form a web printed product, and then on the corrugated board production line to re corrugated. Therefore, the cutting accuracy and requirements of the cutting device on the corrugated board production line are high. Moreover, this method is suitable for a large number of products in the same batch. If there are many product varieties and the batch of a single variety is small, the use of pre printing is not ideal

samples used in the metal material compression failure experiment the corrugated box industry in China has been familiar with the two corrugated box processing methods of printing before mounting and flexo direct printing, and their applications have been very common, but they are relatively unfamiliar with preprint and offset direct printing. However, with the gradual improvement of the market and the gradual maturity of the process, direct offset printing has shown a good market prospect with its excellent quality of four-color printing and the manufacturer's research and development of modern offset printing technology in this field

offset printing can enter the field of corrugated board direct color printing thanks to the following two aspects:

first, the successful development of new corrugated board has made an important contribution to the realization of corrugated board direct offset printing

secondly, offset printing caters to the needs of the development of corrugated board color printing, and fine corrugated board, such as maintenance costs and protection costs, is also very suitable for direct printing by offset printing machines. G-type and F-type corrugated boards have good stability, and can also be printed on the spot. In particular, the offset press is now equipped with a flexo glazing unit, which is no longer only used for printing. This is also more conducive to the development of corrugated board direct offset printing

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