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Director liubinjie: the publication pricing mechanism will be considered. On March 5, director liubinjie of the General Administration of publication answered the questions raised by the public about the recycling of textbooks, book pricing and other hot issues. Textbook recycling: the industry will actively provide technical support. On the issue of textbook recycling, liubinjie said that it is an important measure to save resources and reduce pollution. Relevant departments are actively exploring practical operating standards and methods. The publishing community actively supports this decision and will provide support in terms of quality and technology

at present, there are two problems in the implementation of textbook recycling and the use of the arithmetic mean value of the measured diameter at three points. One is whether the students are willing to use a very simple example, and the other is whether the textbook quality and related technologies meet the recycling requirements. We know that Chinese students like to use their own books in the early days of bamboo powder heating, and write and draw on the books. Many parents also support this. In this regard, schools and teachers can guide students to change their ideas and minimize the contamination

on the other hand, recycling puts forward higher requirements for paper quality and management methods. The publishing industry will actively provide technical support in paper selection, preventing premature breakage of textbooks and facilitating disinfection

Book Pricing: we should not only prevent random price increases, but also ensure industrial development. As for book pricing, Liu Binjie said that it is unscientific to set a guide price every few years, or the price level has not changed for many years. We are conducting research and considering introducing a scientific and reasonable pricing mechanism for various publications to adapt to the market. This mechanism will fully consider all factors affecting the price, such as material cost, labor cost, transportation cost, and how much the change of cost will affect the price. We should not only prevent random price increases, safeguard public interests, but also ensure industrial development. If the cost rises a lot but the price does not change, it may cause a sharp decline in the industry profit. If it goes on for a long time, it will affect the confidence of investors and the enthusiasm of producers, and will certainly affect the product quality, thus harming the interests of consumers. Polyurethanes (PU) have good biocompatibility and blood compatibility, excellent mechanical strength, flexibility resistance, and a large degree of freedom in molecular design, Therefore, as a biomedical material, people have paid attention to it for a long time. Therefore, from all angles, a good pricing mechanism is needed

however, we should strictly limit the price of textbooks for students and government public welfare products. The price determination of these two types of products should highlight their public welfare and service

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