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Silicon steel sheet and small parts inspection: lingbang instrument has achieved full dimensional and visual inspection

recently, Beijing lingbang instrument has launched a small parts dimensional and visual inspection equipment scheme, which can quickly detect the dimensional and visual defects of various silicon steel sheets, and is applicable to Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets, silicon steel sheets, various magnetic conducting sheets, square or circular magnets, magnetic tiles, magnetic rings, varistor rings Comprehensive inspection of size and appearance of transformer iron core and other small parts. For the mass production of silicon steel sheets and small parts of various specifications and sizes, the equipment greatly improves the detection efficiency and product qualification rate, and creates great value for customers

silicon steel sheet with different shapes

silicon steel sheet is an important soft magnetic alloy indispensable to electronics, motor and military industry. It is also a metal functional material with the largest output. It is mainly used as the iron core of various motors, generators and transformers. In particular, the high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel is known as the best in the silicon steel family because of its high magnetic induction, low iron loss and extremely complex production process, which is the key material for manufacturing extra large energy-saving transformers. Because this material is widely used in the manufacture of various transformers, chokes and other electromagnetic components in the generator, telecommunications and instrument industries, the annual output is in short supply

it is understood that a domestic electric appliance company has an annual output of various standard and non-standard series EI silicon steel sheets, three-phase iron cores, ballast iron cores, TL series and various specifications of cutting more than 20000 tons. It is currently the production base with the most complete models of silicon steel sheets in China. In order to better meet the market demand and improve the product qualification rate, the company has configured a set of silicon steel testing equipment. All the indicators of the products have reached the international standards, with an annual output of 200000 tons. In this regard, the traditional manual detection mode simply can not meet the detection requirements of ultra large batch production. However, customized detection equipment can easily achieve rapid automatic detection and automatic sorting, with high detection efficiency

automatic testing equipment in 2011, the total output value of China's packaging industry reached more than 1.3 trillion yuan. Appearance

lingbang instruments adopt optical control technology and mainly use non-contact optical measurement methods to complete the testing. The equipment system is composed of industrial computer, DuPont will create high-performance material word acquisition card, motion controller, test unit, material transmission unit and sorting unit. The equipment has a wide range of applications. After a few modifications, it can be applied to the inspection of various permanent magnet products, as well as the size and appearance inspection of various sheet workpieces and small parts. The equipment scheme can quickly and automatically detect various small parts with different grades of performance, from circular, circular, various square and magnetic tiles to trapezoidal, rhombic and triangular products, and meet the different needs of customers at the same time

experts predict that the equipment provides a fast, accurate and efficient quality inspection mode for small parts inspection in many industries, such as motors, electrical appliances, electronics, electroacoustics, communications, sensors, instruments, meters, hardware, toys, leather goods, plastics, medical treatment, health care products, etc., and will be widely used in related industries in the next few years

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