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Design and natural thinking

Ezra Pound once wrote a poem about the relationship between design and nature: tear away your vanity, explore the green world, and find out your real position in artistic creation. "

man is the son of nature. No one can leave nature. Nature gave birth to us, raised us, educated us, and nurtured us. All our things are connected with nature, should be integrated with nature, should be tested by nature, and should protect nature. Nature is an artist, a philosopher, a thinker, a writer, a musician, a designer, a doctor, and even a teacher

the ultimate goal of design is to make people enjoy pleasure and comfort, make people think, inspire, moral, kind and wise. Even if we want to meet the most basic visual enjoyment function, we can only cultivate it by observing nature. Naturally, we can find expression forms for design, convey the connotation of design, provide design materials, and break the rigid thinking mode of a certain culture. Design and nature cannot be separated

design and nature

we like to choose clothes made of natural hemp, curtains and bedding with flower patterns, beautiful flowers in the room to beautify the environment, solid wood furniture, open painting with exposed wood grains, and underwear without artificial fibers to protect our skin; I like perfume made of natural spices, listen to primitive folk songs, watch primitive dances, and buy vegetables and fruits marked with "green labels". There are too many such examples in life, which prove that people pursue and love nature, and that people are the children of nature. They always want to be close to nature, enjoy nature, and be safe

since human beings began to move from the barren era to civilization, people have known to obtain inspiration and wisdom from nature. The formation of architecture, the production of pottery pots, the emergence of clothes, the production of furniture, decorations and patterns, first of all, come from natural attributes and distinctive personality characteristics such as nature's heaven and earth, sun, moon and stars, birds and animals, flowers, plants, fish and insects. Many cultures originated from the understanding of nature by people in different regions and natural conditions. For example, Westerners advocate pure and straightforward white, Orientals advocate mysterious and noble black and the traditional concept of "yellow is precious" land yellow; Westerners like to use animal shapes and metaphors to show the values of respecting strength, strength, power and competition. Oriental people like flowers and plants, showing the values of freehand brushwork, gentle tranquility and balanced moderation; Westerners like hard stone buildings, which reflect grandeur, strength and permanence. China likes simple earth buildings, and pursues the Loess culture of the unity of heaven and man, introverted and peaceful. This is the personality and balance of the world. It is the different environments and cultures between the East and the West that make the world diverse, colorful, harmonious and balanced

one side of the soil and water nourishes one side of the people. The eastern and Western design itself has been deeply branded with the brand of various regions, nationalities and cultures. They use their own language to interpret what is consistent and convergent with the nature of objects in their own

people in different times, races and regions have different understandings of nature. Therefore, the culture and art formed are also very different, but the same thing is that some form of nature can be found in almost every work. This result is enough to prove that man and nature, design and nature are a kind of relationship between fish and water, which is an innate world outlook

uniqueness and infinity of design

design work has its own characteristics, which is mainly manifested in the requirement that design work in the two worlds of reality and fiction at the same time or respectively. Throughout human history, design is an important way for people to understand the human environment; The interpretive function of design is as important as the "targeted" function. It can be identified, but it cannot be quantified, nor can it be manufactured mechanically according to needs. There are no two same leaves in the world. Naturally, there should be no same design. Design comes from everyone's understanding of life, understanding of life, and interpretation of life. Even for the same thing, there are bound to be different interpretations. Therefore, the language of design is the most abundant. It is a new language that integrates many factors such as nature, society, nationality, culture, philosophy, art, religion, gender and so on. It has rich and colorful forms and connotations. If design has come to an end, it can be said that nature has also come to an end, and mankind has also come to an end. Therefore, as long as the universe still exists, human beings are still multiplying and society is still developing, design will be full of vitality, endless, wonderful and endless

inheritance and Sublation

the uniqueness and infinity of design determine the characteristics and space of design. If you lose your uniqueness, you will easily lose yourself. Based on this philosophy, plagiarism is stupid, poor, and ultimately leads to its own demise. Because if you lose yourself, you lose the value and possibility of existence in the universe. It is precisely because of personality, characteristics and biological diversity that the world maintains balance and harmony

there must be my teacher in a three person line. Learning is inevitable. It is precisely because of the differences in personality that we should learn from the advantages of others and what we lack. This is true for individuals, especially for countries. However, learning is absolutely different from plagiarism. Learning from others' things is absolutely necessary to digest, absorb and re integrate. Just like McDonald's in China, they have absorbed many Chinese elements and culture, and become a western catering company that still has typical Western culture and dietary characteristics suitable for China's national conditions and localities. This is a good inheritance and sublation. In foreign countries, as long as you see the red lanterns and the unique architectural and decorative techniques of China, you will know that this is a Chinese settlement - Chinatown. However, if you look carefully, you will find that many places, such as window displays, goods and service concepts, have been integrated into Western things. This is also a kind of inheritance and sublation, so that it has the value and rationality of existence

in addition, learning is not rote. We must be good at retaining our own unique things suitable for ourselves and our nation, which is the sublation and inheritance of ourselves. For example, Chinese people like wood, which stems from a philosophical thought of Chinese five element study. The five elements study takes the five substances of daily life: gold, wood, water, fire and earth elements as the basis for the formation of all things in the universe and the changes of various natural phenomena. These five kinds of substances have different properties, such as the growth and development of wood; Fire is hot and upward; Earth is peaceful and solid; Jin has the characteristics of killing and convergence; Water is cold and moist. The five elements theory puts the nature of all things in nature into the category of people. Chinese people like wood, that is, they like the growth and development of wood, which indicates that their family and country are prosperous, endless and prosperous. Chinese people also like water, and every family likes to build a pool or raise some goldfish, because Chinese people believe that the five elements are both mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing. What is mutually reinforcing is that gold generates water, water generates wood, wood generates fire, fire generates earth, and earth generates gold. It is fire that conquers gold, gold that conquers wood, wood that conquers earth, earth that conquers water, and water that conquers fire. Therefore, water and wood are an important part of Chinese architectural culture, decoration culture and design culture. Therefore, when designing Chinese architecture, furniture and environment, designers should be good at considering Chinese traditional philosophy in material selection, color matching and material matching according to cultural characteristics. This is a kind of cultural orientation, value orientation and design orientation, which is easy to be accepted by the Chinese people. Of course, to design western products, we must conform to western philosophy and culture

in terms of inheritance and sublation, it should be said that the Japanese have done better than me with the increase of metal metal contact points between the friction vice contact surfaces, and more than 40% of the new houses have used plastic doors and windows; Plastic windows are used in more than 80% of new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian. The Japanese are good at learning western things, but like us, they also advocate wood culture and are persistent. For example, Holmes, the magazine studio, wrote in 1936: "Japanese tradition has many things that we can learn from. Nature is the first in the tradition: architects should not dominate or destroy the environment around the house, but should respect the environment. Happiness and care for nature should be naturally revealed." This is a good case to illustrate how design deals with the relationship between design and nature, and the inheritance of design and national culture

designers and nature

many designers, with the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of survival pressure, face computers and materials almost every day, and often explain their plans on the negotiation table, trying to impress users and obtain contracts; Constantly looking for customers everywhere, rushing between airports; Keep going to the exhibition to recharge your exhausted brain; Constantly read foreign magazines and stations to obtain resources and inspiration; Constantly advertising, hoping to expand popularity and get more opportunities and orders...

is this era distorting designers, or are designers losing their professional principles and becoming slaves to money? Is this era not recognizing the value of design, forcing designers to sacrifice principles for survival? Or did the designer mistakenly understand the essence of design at the beginning, thinking that sitting in front of a computer, being able to draw 3D, renderings, and hand-painted means being able to design? Do you know how to design after studying design

design is industry, design is business, and design is making money. Of course, we must do so, which is the basis. However, design is still morality, conscience, doctor and teacher. However, in reality, how many ugly buildings, inhumane roads, useless goods, worthless waste of resources, unrecyclable waste, excessive decoration, interior design with uncoordinated products and environment are filled around us? Take a walk around many cities and look around. How many buildings, gardens and streets can be designed

few designers understand history, the formation process of culture, the process of human understanding and creating beauty, the direction of social evolution and development, and the treasures and differences between eastern and Western cultures. There are fewer designers who pay attention to politics. They always think that politics has nothing to do with him. Politics is garbage and liars, and it is a trick of politicians to stay away from it; There are fewer and fewer designers who understand nature, feel nature more, understand nature, understand nature, study nature, and thus apply nature. Because this generation of designers are more computer designers. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer good designs that originate from natural art forms and integrate culture and spirit

although designers are a privileged profession, they can shape the vision of a better future in their minds into images without any constraints. However, if he does not understand people's material and spiritual needs, do not understand people's desire for a more equitable society than ever before, the earth needs to be protected, and the less carbon emissions, the better, it is difficult to imagine that he can reproduce truth and beauty, and it is difficult to design anything popular

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