China's polyester chip imports fell by about 20% m

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In September, China's imports of polyester chips fell by about 20% month on month

the latest statistical data from the General Administration of Customs of China showed that in September 2011, China imported 20000 tons of polyester chips, amounting to US $34.88 million, down 21% and 18% month on month respectively. In June, China imported 147000 tons of polyester chips, with an amount of US $260million. Compared with the same period last year, the number fell sharply by 22% and the amount increased by 1.8%

generally speaking, August is only the research object, which can be the peak import of a single object, with an import volume of about 24000 tons and an import amount of more than US $40million, while February is the least, with only 9000 tons, about US $17million. On a quarterly basis, the import of polyester chips showed a gradual growth trend, reaching a peak in the third quarter, with the amount exceeding US $100million

in addition, the cumulative import in September continued to decline in volume and rise in price in August, but the cumulative amount increased relatively slowly year-on-year

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