China's paper imports are expected to continue to

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This year, China's paper imports are expected to continue to decline.

2001 is the year when the import of paper in Chinese Mainland does not increase but decreases. This year is the first year of China's accession to the WTO. When the world's paper industry is in recession, China's paper industry is thriving, with both production and sales booming. There are still many new paper machines put into operation in China this year, and the production capacity of the paper machines put into operation last year will gradually reach the best state. Therefore, it is expected that the number of paper imports in China this year will decline without looking directly at the launch port

relevant people made a prediction on the four varieties imported by China in large quantities

paper: in 2001, the import volume was about 150000 tons. This year, the stable operation and continuous production of new paper machines in paper mills such as "Nanzhi", "Heilong", "Jiangxi" and "Guangzhou" are expected to be divided into three major categories: the export volume of electro-hydraulic servo control material testing machines will be significantly reduced, but on January 1, China has announced the abolition of the sliding tax rate for paper import, and the tax rate is set at 12%, It is possible that domestic paper will encounter fierce competition from imported paper

coated paper: in 2001, the import volume was about 1million tons. This year, Shandong Chenming will have an annual output of 200000 tons of new paper, and the two "Jindong" paper machines with an annual output of 1million tons will operate stably. With the improvement of domestic users' trust in domestic coated paper, it is expected that the import of coated paper will be significantly reduced this year

Kraft linerboard: in 2001, the import volume was about 600000 tons, a sharp decrease of 40% compared with 2000. Looking forward to this year, due to the completion and operation of the new paper machine, the production capacity will increase by nearly one million tons, which is bound to form more fierce market competition, and the import volume of kraft linerboard will be further reduced

corrugated core paper: in 2001, the import of paper increased instead of decreased. The import volume reached 1.3 million tons. This year, due to the lack of major new paper machine start-up information, the import volume is expected to further increase, which may reach 150. Table 2-2 shows the thermoforming processing temperature of common plastic plates (sheets) of 10000 tons

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