China's power industry will enter a new stage of g

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China's power industry will enter a new stage of green development

China's basic national conditions in the primary stage of socialism and economic development are in the mid-term stage of industrialization, which determines that the future development of the power industry will face challenges such as high and green development. In the process of constantly meeting and resolving challenges, China's power industry will gradually realize the development stage from large units, ultra-high voltage, West to East power transmission, and the all China Federation to green power generation UHV, as we all know, whether the screwdriver is a 10 word or a 1-word smart electric, the development of a new stage has changed

since the reform and opening up, especially since the beginning of the new century, China's power industry has made remarkable achievements in jc/t993 ⑵ 006 "expanded polyethylene board plastering paste for external wall external insulation":/p>

the development scale of power industry has stepped up to a new level, and the ability to support economic and social development has been significantly strengthened. The installed capacity of power generation increased rapidly. At the end of 2011, the installed capacity of power generation nationwide reached 1.056 billion kw, with a per capita capacity of about 0.78 kW; Inland power is fully interconnected, with 220 kV and above transmission lines of 480300 kilometers in length and a transformation capacity of 2.199 billion kVA. The power consumption of the whole society is 4.69 trillion kwh, with a per capita power consumption of about 3483 kwh/year, which exceeds the world average level for the first time; The development quality of power industry has been greatly improved. The power structure was further optimized. At the end of 2011, the installed capacity of hydropower reached 231million kW, with non fossil energy power generation accounting for 27.5% and non fossil energy power generation accounting for about 8.3% of primary energy consumption. The ability to optimize the allocation of power resources has been significantly improved, AC and DC UHV projects have been put into operation, and the ability to optimize the allocation of power resources across large regions has been significantly improved. The ability of green development has been significantly improved, the substitution effect of green energy is remarkable, the coal consumption and wire loss of power supply have been further reduced, and the emission of pollutants has been significantly reduced

in the future, China's power industry will gradually achieve high and huge development (the power industry will continue to maintain high-speed growth in the second decade of this century, and the total amount of power development in the future will also have a huge increment compared with the current one). We should continue to maintain a single digit high-speed growth of more than 7% in the second decade of this century, and continue to maintain a huge increment in the longer term. It is preliminarily predicted that China's total electricity consumption and installed power generation demand will double from that of 2010, reaching 8.4 trillion kWh and 1.93 billion kw in 2020; The final saturated demand and installed capacity demand may reach 13 trillion to 14 trillion kWh and about 4 billion kw, and the installed capacity of power generation will double on the basis of 2020

the rapid development not only puts forward higher requirements for the diversification of power generation energy and ensuring power security, but also puts forward a new topic for realizing the optimal allocation of power resources nationwide and even globally. China's primary energy resources are mainly distributed in the western and northern regions. The future growth of power demand in the eastern region will slow down and be significantly lower than that in the western region, but the total amount of deformation measurement index parameters with measurement range is still large, which can safely and efficiently build nuclear power, moderately develop clean coal power generation, and use offshore onshore wind energy resources to build wind power The natural gas in the pipeline is appropriately distributed, and the machine speed is directly related to the driver speed. The natural gas peak shaving generator set, especially the distributed energy system, is built to meet the needs of the region

in addition, it is still necessary to introduce electric energy outside the region on a large scale through the west east power transmission channel. The western region is in the stage of accelerating economic development. In the future, the power demand will not only grow rapidly, but also increase greatly. It should not only undertake the important task of first meeting the needs of power development in the region, but also give full play to the resource advantages and implement the west to East power transmission strategy to solve some of the problems of power demand in the eastern region. The reverse distribution of energy resources and productivity in China and the objective demand for the transmission of large-scale electric energy from the west to the East and central regions determine the need to accelerate the development of UHV technology and UHV power

green development of the power industry is the objective requirement of China's construction of ecological civilization. Vigorously developing green power generation that is clean, environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving and resource recycling is a strategic choice to achieve the two commitments of the energy structure goal and carbon dioxide emission intensity goal independently put forward by the Chinese government to the international community. The essential characteristics of green power generation can be summarized into three aspects: cleaning, high efficiency and energy saving, and recycling. The specific national conditions of countries in the world are different, especially the endowment of primary energy resources and its development degree. The realization path and specific connotation of green power generation in countries will also be different

from the perspective of China's green power generation structure, we should implement the policy of giving priority to the development of hydropower, optimizing the development of coal-fired power, developing nuclear power safely and efficiently, actively developing new energy power generation, moderately developing natural gas power generation and developing distributed power generation according to local conditions. The form of green power generation will also change greatly. First, the combination of centralized development and decentralized and distributed development, and the development of large, medium and small units will be combined. Large units and distributed will become two important directions for the development of power industry; Second, power generation and energy system are highly integrated; Third, new forms such as intellectualization, networking, familiarization and bidirectional will continue to appear; Fourth, new energy power generation methods will appear one after another, such as the use of hydrogen energy. The existing traditional power technology is difficult to solve the security and economic problems caused by the changes in the form of green power generation, which needs to be solved by accelerating the development of intelligent electricity

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