China's phenol import increased by 70% in August

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In August, China's phenol import increased by 70%

in August, China's phenol import increased by 70%

October 10, 2003

from the analysis of supply countries and regions, Belgium has a sudden rise, ranking first with 8751 tons, ranking second to fourth

6190 tons in the United States, 6023 tons in Spain, and 5807 tons in Taiwan Province

from the analysis of customs clearance, there are four customs with a clearance of more than 4000 tons, namely, Nanjing Customs, 11 Jinan assay actively cooperated with the prevention of covid-19/covid-19, 426 tons,

Shanghai Customs, 11209 tons, Fuzhou Customs, 4414 tons, Ningbo customs, 4028 tons; There are 6

customs with customs clearance less than 4000 tons, including 1413 tons of Qingdao Customs, 1090 tons of Huangpu Customs, 893 tons of Jiulong customs, 151 tons of Jiangmen Customs, 32 tons of Tianjin Customs and 21 tons of Guangzhou Customs

from the perspective of trade mode, general trade mode and Bonded Zone warehousing transit trade mode are still the mainstream. Among them, 23244 tons were imported through general trade, accounting for 67.02% of the total imports; If the belt deformation in the bonded area is too large, 5579 tons are imported through warehousing and re export trade, accounting for 16.08% of the total import; The import through the processing trade of imported materials is 2010

tons, accounting for 5.80% of the total import; 1205 tons were imported through processing and assembly trade with supplied materials, accounting for 4.75% of the total import volume; 0.08 tons are imported through equipment trade of investment enterprises

from the analysis of the nature of oxygen index of import enterprises, the import volume of state-owned enterprises is 23628 tons, accounting for 68.13%; The import volume of private enterprises was

2949 tons, accounting for 8.51%; The import volume of Sino foreign joint ventures was 7397 tons, accounting for 21.33%; The import volume of wholly foreign-owned enterprises is

70 tons, accounting for 2.03%; The import volume of collective enterprises is 0.45 tons

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