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Scenery storage and transportation: the "China plan" for large-scale new energy consolidation

on December 7, snowflakes were flying on the dam in northern Hebei. In the national scenic energy storage and transmission demonstration project base, a typhoon danced in the wind, and photovoltaic panels were shining, and green power sources were constantly sent to the distance. With the rise of a new round of energy revolution represented by the large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy, China has seized the development opportunity to achieve the development of new energy to lead the world. As a benchmark project for the development of new energy, the national scenery storage and transmission demonstration project has played an important exemplary role in leading the technological progress of the new energy industry

energy is an important material basis for economic and social development, related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and related to human well-being. The resource tension, environmental pollution and climate change caused by the large-scale development and utilization of traditional fossil energy have become major constraints on the global economic and social development, and also major challenges that China will face in the long term. Promoting the transformation of clean and low-carbon energy and vigorously developing and utilizing new energy represented by wind and solar energy have become the common choice of all countries in the world, and it is also the only way for China to achieve the sustainable and coordinated development of economic, social resources and environment

since the new century, with the strong support of the state, wind power and photovoltaic power generation have achieved rapid growth for many years, but they have also faced some practical problems. At the technical level: first, wind power and photovoltaic power generation have randomness, volatility and intermittency, and the power generation characteristics need to be improved; Second, wind power and photovoltaic power generation are difficult to effectively predict, dispatch and control, and the source coordination needs to be improved; Third, the regional characteristics of resources are obvious, which is inversely distributed with the demand, and the problem of effective allocation of resources needs to be solved. At the equipment level: most of our industries in the field of new energy are mainly processing and manufacturing, and we have relatively few independent technologies. The level of national equipment needs to be improved until it is normal

in 2009, with the strong support of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and the national energy administration, the national scenery storage and transmission demonstration project, as a key project of the national "golden sun" project and a major project of the national science and technology support plan, stepped up its construction. The project is intended to speed up the research on important technical issues in the fields of wind power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, intelligent power and so on, drive the technological upgrading of wind power and photovoltaic power generation industry, crack the bottleneck of large-scale new energy and technology, and demonstrate and lead the development of new energy industry

on December 25th, 2011, the national wind power storage and transmission demonstration project (phase I), the world's largest new energy comprehensive demonstration project integrating wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage devices and intelligent transmission, was successfully completed and put into operation on Bashang Plateau in northern Hebei Province by adopting the world's first "wind power storage and transmission" joint power generation operation and dispatching mode. This is a day of great significance in the history of human development and utilization of new energy

the national wind power storage and transmission demonstration project is the first in the world. Of course, we have to evaluate it. Through the joint operation of wind power storage and transmission, we can study and master the wind power storage and generation control and energy storage system integration technology, so as to realize the complementary utilization of various resources; Through the application of intelligent power technology, the wind and solar energy storage and power generation resources are coordinated, and the friendly interaction of resources is realized

in 2012, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and then Minister of science and technology, pointed out after inspecting the project that "the construction achievements of the demonstration project have won honors for the country and set a model for the world"; Klaus uhler, the former chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), praised "the results are leading, shocking and God's project"

the national scenery storage and transmission demonstration project provides a "Chinese solution" for effectively solving the large-scale and worldwide technical problems of new energy -

the project has effectively promoted the sustainable development of new energy. The demonstration project focuses on the control of wind and solar power generation and the integration of energy storage systems. Breakthroughs have been made in five key technical fields, including the complementary mechanism and system integration of joint power generation, panoramic monitoring and coordinated control, power prediction, source coordination and large-scale energy storage technology, and the smooth output of new energy power generation has been achieved

the project has significantly improved the utilization level of new energy power generation equipment and promoted energy conservation and emission reduction. The new fan developed and manufactured in the demonstration project directly improves the annual profit of power generation, which is particularly suitable for the hours of testing instruments used in the production line and in the laboratory to control product quality, and the fan off accident has decreased significantly; The maximum annual output of the whole project will be 1.25 billion kwh of high-quality green power, effectively promoting the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies

the project has improved the manufacturing level of new energy equipment. The procurement of equipment and materials for the demonstration project involves 62 equipment manufacturing enterprises in the field of new energy, including Goldwind technology, XJ, Wuxi Suntech, BYD, Guodian Nari, Hebei Yingli, etc., which has built a demonstration platform for independent innovation and testing in the field of new energy power generation in China

5. Accumulator: some electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machines are equipped with accumulators. This project enhances the international competitiveness of the new energy industry. The demonstration project has achieved a large number of major original technological innovations such as the "joint optimization strategy of wind power and energy storage", developed 119 sets of high-tech equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and significantly promoted the optimization and upgrading of wind turbine, photovoltaic and energy storage industries

relying on the national scenic energy storage and transmission demonstration project, the "IEC large capacity renewable energy access technology committee" led by China was established in 2013, has issued three technical white papers, and issued one international standard, 13 national standards and 21 industry standards, significantly improving China's international voice in the formulation of standards and technology selection in the field of new energy



complete the project approval and approval of phase II expansion project within 45 days, and obtain all 16 supporting documents


achieve the construction goals of all 60000 kW photovoltaic and 30000 kW wind power in the second phase of the expansion project in advance

in 2014,

the hoisting task of 98 wind turbines was completed, and the hoisting of 5 MW wind turbines created the best in many industries

in 2015,

"wind power storage and transmission combined power generation" involved seven major topics of the national science and technology support plan and two "863" program topics passed the national acceptance

in 2016,

won the fourth China Industrial award together with the detector system and aircraft carrier project of the China lunar exploration project


won the excellent project award of the national quality award, the National Gold Award for high-quality engineering and the first prize of China's power innovation. The world's first new energy power station with the function of virtual synchronous generator and the 3-megawatt echelon utilization and storage system were successfully put into operation


successfully completed the world's first station level virtual synchronizer function test and regional Island start-up test

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