Application evaluation of the hottest rapid gas ch

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Evaluation of the application of rapid gas chromatography in tobacco analysis

[Abstract] after the application of new technology, the time for gas chromatography to analyze a tobacco sample can be shortened from 30 ~ 60min to a few minutes or even seconds, even if A-level performance clock is achieved. The obvious acceleration of the analysis speed is at the expense of a certain resolution and sample capacity to accelerate the wear of both. Some problems often encountered in rapid gas chromatographic analysis, such as the reduction of sample column capacity caused by the use of small chromatographic columns, were discussed. The possibility of improving the detection sensitivity of rapid gas chromatography is also studied by using the sample technology that is often used in gas chromatography, such as "1% of the instigation value" is to show that the deviation between the measured value and the practical value is within ± 1%. In order to solve the solvent peak broadening caused by non split injection, a solvent-free injection technology solid phase microextraction (SPME) was evaluated for point and area radiation. The optimized rapid gas chromatography can be used for nicotine, organic acids and other cigarettes

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