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Hybrid mining vehicles fill the gap and save 50% to 70% more fuel than traditional mining vehicles

hybrid mining vehicles fill the gap and save 50% to 7% more fuel than traditional mining vehicles. Now it is basically stable at 140000 yuan/ton 0%

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at the 18th high tech fair, the world's first hybrid mining vehicle using new energy technology attracted the attention of customers. According to Mao Sheng, President of Shenzhen national innovation energy research institute, this df45e new energy mining vehicle was jointly developed by Dongfeng heavy industry (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Guochuang Power System Co., Ltd., filling the gap of global new energy mining vehicles and making its first public appearance at the high tech fair

it is reported that the research and development of df45e hybrid mining vehicle took two years. The car adopts a new type of super lithium battery with ultra long service life, ultra-high safety, ultra-high rate of charge and discharge and ultra wide temperature adaptation range. The new lithium battery meets the requirements of high-strength continuous use of the whole vehicle and the service life of vehicles with 10 years or more; It has the ability of anti short circuit protection and anti puncture protection, which truly realizes the high safety characteristics of power battery without fire and combustion; The super large rate charge and discharge performance effectively solves the problem of high power output and efficient recovery of braking energy required for heavy-duty climbing of mining vehicles; The ultra wide temperature range can meet the requirements of vehicles operating in ultra-low temperature or high temperature areas

the joint test data of Dongfeng heavy industry and guochuang power show that under the heavy-duty uphill condition, the df45e hybrid mining car saves 50% to 70% fuel than the traditional mining car; Under heavy-duty downhill conditions, through the braking energy recovery system, it is completely possible to rely on the pure electric drive mode for high-intensity operation, and the vehicle attendance rate reaches more than 85%; If the annual transportation capacity of 3.3 million ton kilometers per vehicle is realized, compared with traditional vehicles, the fuel cost can be saved by more than 800000 yuan in the whole year

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