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Hydraulic transmission fan is expected to be industrialized. New technology wants to rewrite the market pattern.

Dalian spark new energy pushes the new technical route of hydraulic transmission fan industrialization. New technology wants to rewrite the market pattern.

3D rendering of the internal structure of Dalian spark 1.5 MW hydraulic transmission fan. Data and pictures

we want to make a new type of wind turbine. Unlike the traditional wind turbine, the wind turbine we developed depends on hydraulic transmission. On March 2, Wang Zhensheng, general manager of Dalian Xinghuo New Energy Development Co., Ltd., told at the demonstration meeting of 3.0 MW fan design scheme

this kind of hydraulic transmission wind turbine has not been done by any domestic enterprise. Qi Tongqing, a senior member of the China Wind Energy Professional Committee and a senior consultant of the China Classification Society, said that in the world, only one Norwegian company and one American company have manufactured the prototype of hydraulic transmission wind turbines, but they are all experimental, and there is no commercial model

the research and development route is different.

it is understood that the traditional wind turbines are mainly double fed fans and direct drive fans. The double fed fan has a gearbox, which improves the probability of fan failure. Although the motor of direct drive unit has no gearbox, its weight is larger than that of double fed fan. Judging from the current market share, direct drive fans are close to 30%, and double fed fans account for about 70%. Although these two types of fans are not perfect, they have experienced long-term market tests and have been proved to be mature products

in the face of the market pattern that has tended to be stable, Wang Zhensheng confidently told them that their goal in developing hydraulic drive fans is directly aimed at industrialization. Abandon the mature technical route and find a new way. Will the hydraulic drive fan change the ruling pattern of double fed fan and direct drive fan

hydraulic transmission wind turbine, as the name suggests, adopts hydraulic flexible transmission. On the one hand, hydraulic transmission replaces the rigid transmission of the gearbox in the doubly fed model, which solves the problem of high transmission failure rate of the gearbox. On the other hand, the use of hydraulic flexible transmission solves the problems of excessive volume, high copper consumption and high manufacturing cost of direct drive motor in direct drive models

the technical director of Dalian Xinghuo New Energy Development Co., Ltd. said that the power generation system part of the hydraulic drive fan can adopt two different models: centralized tower top and floor layout, which can be combined according to the needs of different users and different installation sites. If the floor layout is adopted, it can greatly reduce the problems such as the difficulty of maintenance of the silo

skillfully subtract cost to win

in addition to mature technology, cost is an unavoidable problem in order to commercialize mass production. Only fans with excellent performance and affordable price can be favored by the market

the development of hydraulic drive fan follows the idea of subtraction. With fewer parts, the cost can naturally be reduced. It is reported that the use of hydraulic transmission can realize speed increase, speed regulation and stable speed, thus eliminating the use of inverter. Compared with the traditional model, the hydraulic drive fan reduces the main components such as inverter and gearbox. Especially since the synchronous excitation power generation system is adopted, two power supply modes, 690V low-voltage and 10kv High-voltage Generator sets, can be adopted. If 10 kV is used for power generation, 110 kV can be directly transmitted, and the traditional box type transformer can be omitted, so as to achieve the purpose of greatly reducing the comprehensive manufacturing cost

in addition, since the main part is operated on the ground, the daily maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. In particular, the maintenance of offshore fans will be more convenient and labor-saving. According to the calculation, only from the lifting cost during maintenance, the annual maintenance cost can be saved by about 10% - 15%, which directly reduces the power generation cost and indirectly improves the power generation efficiency of the equipment

offshore wind power is a major trend of wind power development. One of the reasons why Wang Zhensheng has confidence in the future market is that hydraulic drive fans are more suitable for offshore wind power than traditional fans

technicians told that the main power generation equipment of the hydraulic drive fan operates on the ground, which reduces the cut in wind speed. The cut in wind speed can be controlled below 2.5 m/s. according to the availability of wind energy, the number of driving motors can be flexibly adjusted and switched, so as to improve the efficiency of single machine, stabilize and adjust the load, so as to obtain the best power generation efficiency. It is estimated that the power generation time can be increased by 3%-5% throughout the year. Moreover, it is more conducive to the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines, and can realize floating offshore foundation engineering

technical cooperation to solve problems

however, although it has many advantages, there are still some technical problems of hydraulic drive fans in the process of gradually solving. Some experts put forward that the first is how to further improve efficiency; Secondly, hydraulic transmission may cause vibration and cause fasteners to loosen. How to solve it; Thirdly, how to prevent the leakage of hydraulic system

Wang Zhensheng frankly said that at the beginning of research and development, they encountered far more problems than experts, and now most of these technical problems have been solved. In his words, only when you are confident enough can you dare to let experts demonstrate

it was found that there were not only scholars and experts, but also many foreign suppliers providing supporting products for fans at the demonstration meeting. Dr Rexroth, which provides hydraulic pumps and motors, IMO, which provides wind turbine bearings, Fritz Shure, which provides hydraulic pitch systems, and KK electronics, which provides control systems. Wang Zhensheng said: these enterprises are not simple suppliers, but technical partners

Wang Zhensheng told that developing advanced hydraulic drive fans is a very complex and challenging work, and we must take the road of resource integration and win-win. Therefore, we should integrate the world's most advanced technologies and enterprises. Realize technical cooperation through project development

it is understood that previously, Dalian Xinghuo New Energy Development Co., Ltd. has launched the design of a new 1.5 MW intelligent hydraulic drive fan. At present, it has entered the prototype assembly stage of the 1.5 MW fan, and plans to complete the wind turbine and power generation experiment in June this year. It is on the basis of the 1.5 MW experimental prototype that the design and trial production of the 3.0 MW prototype are gradually carried out

Xia Wuxiang, the importer of China's first typhoon, told that it was normal for a new technology to have problems. The 1.5 MW wind turbine is about to be installed and generate electricity, which is equivalent to providing a good test-bed for 3 MW, from which we can explore many useful experiences

Qi Tongqing said that the wind turbine is a large system composed of many systems, and the method of system engineering must be adopted. The main feature of the system engineering method is that the research on the fatigue performance of metal rubber is rarely the overall design. The research and development of hydraulic drive fans should follow such a technical solution

I came with doubts and doubts. Through careful analysis, especially seeing the participation and technical support of many internationally renowned enterprises, I firmly believe that this model will develop and grow, and its advantages will win the market and occupy the market. Chenxuesong, deputy director of Beijing Jianheng Certification Center, said bluntly

xudonghua, a researcher at the development research center of the State Council, believes that only by following the liquidation and cleaning in terms of design and technology, and by combining capital and technology, can the project of hydraulic fans be commercialized and market-oriented

it is said that many domestic power groups have been closely related to the hydraulic drive fans that will be injected into Dalian Xinghuo new energy at the fresh air port brought by new agriculture (the sixth industry). Even a project of China Power Investment Group in Dalian has intended to use this kind of fan. According to the plan of Dalian Xinghuo New Energy Development Co., Ltd., in the coming years, they will apply hydraulic transmission technology to today's conference factory, and all staff before and after sales will participate in the development of 5.0 MW and higher power offshore wind turbines. (Zhang Zirui)

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