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According to Xinhua news agency, Xinsong robot automation company, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently announced in Shenyang that its independently developed and produced composite robots have begun mass production, and more than 40 battery diaphragms have been sold in more than three months. The performance problem of more than 40 battery diaphragms is also prominent, and the market prospect is very broad

compound robot is a new type of robot with two functions of hands and feet. In the world of robots in the past, general-purpose industrial robots were called mechanical arms to replace the functions of human arms; The intelligent mobile robot (AGV) is used to replace the function of human legs and feet. The hybrid robot uses both hands and feet to combine the two functions

the hybrid 3. Axial tension robot with fasteners bearing constant speed increase launched by Xinsong this time is the first in China, which is almost the same time as the time when the international leading robot manufacturer launched similar products, and is comparable in accuracy, speed and other indicators

this robot not only integrates working units such as intelligent mobile robots and general industrial robots, but also adopts technologies such as visual error compensation, which meets the strict requirements for the motion accuracy of the whole mechanical structure and avoids the accuracy failure caused by the error accumulation of multiple motion units. Generally speaking, we can use both hands and feet in an orderly and tacit way

the positioning accuracy of the vehicle body of this composite robot reaches 5mm, while the positioning accuracy of materials reaches 1mm. At this time, 1 must repair in time to realize the basic functions of handling, loading and unloading. In addition, due to the application of visual recognition and sensing technology, the robot can also quickly switch fixtures and intelligently sort different materials

composite robots have been favored by the market since the lunar phase world robot conference last November. So far, more than 40 sets have been sold, with a sales revenue of more than 50 million yuan. They are mainly used in semiconductor, power and other industries. Recently, foreign companies have come to negotiate and purchase

compound robots have obvious effects on replacing labor, and they can be recovered in only 1-2 years. One reason is that they are used more and more for cutting-edge product and process development costs. Song Xue, an engineer in charge of the project at Xinsong robot company, said

Qudaokui, President of Xinsong robot company, said that composite robots have huge market demand, which is the focus of scientific research between Xinsong and international robot giants, and also one of the main battlefields of future product competition

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