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A breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production technology has revolutionized the automotive industry

according to foreign media reports, a recent breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production technology may promote the development of the automotive industry. The combination of the two institutions of higher learning and the inherent renewable characteristics has achieved an innovative breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production. This technology plays a key role in helping to reduce human dependence on carbon based fuels, making it highly demanding on the software of the experimental machine and the re editing fixture

unlike previous production methods, this hydrogen fuel production innovation does not involve solar energy. In fact, researchers rely mainly on deciphering chemical mechanisms to make photochemical processes more effective. The production method was jointly developed by researchers from the Technion Israel Institute of technology and Negev Ben Gurion University (BGU)

although the University of Exeter in the UK previously used lanthanum iron oxide as a solution, this time researchers from the two universities proposed a more comprehensive method, hoping to uncover the chemical reactions that occur in solar energy. Therefore, researchers connect power generation with solar energy, which is the opposite of relying on human power and precious metals. Photochemistry puts forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of thin films (PEC). Water decomposition method stores the radiated solar energy in chemical bonds by generating hydrogen

in 2017, Toyota, an international automaker, wanted to build a fully renewable plant. Shell also built the plant with the support of California, and Toyota Mirai was one of the earliest hydrogen fueled vehicles. Toyota advertises many advantages of hydrogen fuel: 1 Zero carbon dioxide emission (only water discharge); 2. Comply with California (high load vehicle) Lane requirements; 3. Hydrogenation takes only 5 minutes; 4. Three year free fuel worth 15000 dollars is standard

at present, automobile manufacturers are seeking to develop efficient and environmentally friendly hydrogen powered vehicles. Unlike electric vehicles, hydrogen powered vehicles have faster hydrogenation speed and longer mileage

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