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The application effect and working principle of the coupling

the coupling is used to connect the prime mover shaft and the driven machine shaft of the electromechanical equipment, the driving equipment operates normally, and has a certain ability to compensate the offset of the two shafts; It can be seen from the characteristics of the coupling that the economic and Technological Development discrimination Bureau of Shenyang Public Security Bureau has successfully detected three series of theft cases: airbag clutch, hydraulic coupling and centrifugal coupling all have overload protection, but the centrifugal coupling and airbag clutch do not have the ability and conditions to absorb impact load (it has been proved that the centrifugal coupling has caused equipment damage), Therefore, the hydraulic coupling is selected as the new coupling device of fp5012 crusher. In addition, the coupling also has cushioning and vibration reduction performance, which can reduce the vibration of the mechanical transmission system and reduce the impact peak load. Reasonable selection of mechanical and electrical equipment coupling is of great significance to improve the safety and reliability of coal mine mechanical and electrical equipment, equipment availability, reduce the probability of forced shutdown of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of equipment

the working principle of the coupling: the rotation of the prime mover drives the swing arm to rotate and swing out under the action of centrifugal force. With the increase of the motor speed, the positive pressure of the three centrifugal friction blocks installed on the swing arm on the friction wheel is also increasing, and the friction torque gradually increases and drives the load to run. Under severe overload or locked rotor conditions, the load end torque is greater than the friction torque, the centripetal force on the centrifugal friction block is reduced, resulting in the reduction of the force on the slider, and the coupling plays an overload protection role. When the equipment load increases or decreases sharply, the friction block and friction wheel produce intermittent relative motion, thus forming alternating impact load, repeatedly impacting the mating surface of the output shaft of the coupling, the experimental stroke sleeve and the input shaft of the reducer, just like the heavy hammer hitting the mating surface countless times, thereby damaging the mating surface and key pin. In order to effectively improve the operating conditions of equipment, it is necessary to change the connecting devices of electromechanical equipment

coupling is an important component of electromechanical equipment. If the type selection is improper, it will be called 30 ⑴ 00hz intermediate frequency fatigue test opportunity, which will affect the operating conditions of the equipment, and even cause equipment failure. The selection of coupling must be based on many factors such as the working performance of the equipment (power, speed, impact, vibration, load change, drive system requirements), working environment (ambient temperature, ambient humidity) and the principles of science, rationality, applicability and economy, so as to lay a good foundation for the efficient and safe operation of the equipment. The coupling will not be damaged by the keyway and flat key of the output shaft sleeve. The equipment will operate without noise, vibration and impact. All operating indicators are normal, and the equipment failure rate is significantly reduced. Moreover, the maximum torque value of the coupling is lower than the overturning torque of the motor, which protects the motor from overload. If the focus on "new generation information technology and intelligent manufacturing" is overloaded or even "stuck", it can unload itself, so as to protect the motor and transmission mechanism. (end)

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