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Hydraulic crusher hammer market is in the ascendant and needs to develop and expand space

hydraulic crusher hammer market is in the ascendant and needs to develop and expand space

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Guide: hydraulic crusher hammer is a kind of crushing machine that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical impact energy, which is mainly installed on excavators and other construction machinery equipment. Because it can effectively complete the crushing of rocks, concrete and steel ladle, as well as the excavation of frozen soil, frozen ice, ditches and cement pavement, it can replace the use of

hydraulic crusher hammer is a kind of crusher that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical impact energy. It is mainly installed on excavators and other engineering mechanical equipment. Because it can efficiently complete the crushing of rocks, concrete and steel ladle, as well as the excavation of frozen soil, frozen ice, ditches and cement pavement, and replace the secondary blasting with explosives, it is widely used in mining, road construction, building demolition, municipal construction, tunnel engineering, underwater operation, metallurgy and other fields. After 50 years of development, the global market of hydraulic crusher hammer has a large scale and broad prospects. In recent years, with the expansion of domestic demand and the continuous heating up of infrastructure construction in China, the demand for excavators has increased rapidly, providing a broad space for the development and expansion of the future market of hydraulic crushing hammers

development status of hydraulic breaking hammers in China

hydraulic breaking hammers in China started in the 1970s and have been widely used only for more than a decade. With the increase of domestic investment, the pace of urbanization construction has been accelerated, which has promoted the rapid growth of the excavator market and directly stimulated the demand for hydraulic breaking hammers. In just a few years, products of different brands, quality and prices have flooded the Chinese market, of which foreign brands account for the main share of the domestic market. According to industry estimates, at present, South Korea is not the actual demand, but the sales of arrival brands account for 20% to 30% of the Chinese market, the sales of Japanese original brands account for about 10% of the market share, and the market share of Europe and the United States is low due to price and other reasons. Representative brands such as South Korea Shuishan, engineer, big model, Japan Guhe, dongkong, Jianan, and Atlas Copco and Sandvik in Europe and America. At present, the market position of foreign brands in China cannot be underestimated. Although the market share of domestic brands is not low, according to insiders, there are more than 100 domestic crusher brands on the market at present, most of which have no independent registered trademarks, some of which are OEM or Korean and Japanese crusher based assembled products, and some agents are shoddy, which is difficult for users to distinguish, resulting in a chaotic market order. However, there are only a few domestic manufacturers with real scale and strength, such as Jiangsu jingtetra Pak Machinery Co., Ltd., Anhui Jingtian hydraulic intelligent control Co., Ltd. and Aidi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., whose core is the industrial department

from the perspective of the overall development of the market, the current development of local crushing hammers is not optimistic, with many brands, uneven product technology, design standards, quality and price, and domestic production capacity can not meet the rapidly growing market demand. There is a big gap between domestic brands and some foreign brands in terms of performance and quality. High-grade construction projects such as high-speed railway, expressway and other urbanization construction all put forward requirements for high reliability and high precision of crushing hammer. High-end products are the trend of future market development. This requires that the market should be gradually standardized, domestic brands should be fully integrated, inferior production capacity should be eliminated, and the competitive strength of brands should be enhanced, so as to have greater development space in the domestic and international markets

hot sales of excavators help the market development of hydraulic breaking hammers

introduction of an industry breaking hammer manufacturer: "There is no special department in China to make statistics on the sales of hydraulic crushers, so it is difficult to have accurate data on the sales of hydraulic crushers every year. It is preliminarily estimated that due to the impact of the economic crisis, the sales of hydraulic crushers in 2009 decreased from the peak of the year, and the market was relatively depressed at that time. Although the international financial crisis had a great impact on the construction machinery markets of various countries, China has invested 4trillion yuan to drive infrastructure construction since the end of 2009 With the leapfrog development, the market situation has improved and the orders have increased. In 2010, with the booming demand of the excavator market, the growth rate of the crusher hammer was more than 20% compared with 2009. Driven by the national policy of stimulating domestic demand, the development potential of the crusher hammer market is huge. "

China's excavator market has grown at an average rate of 15% in recent decades, especially in the past year, the market has shown an explosive growth trend. In 2010, the domestic excavator sales reached 162540 units, an increase of 26 times over the sales of 5988 units in 1999. According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, by the end of 2010, the market ownership of excavators in China had reached 830000 units, which has become the largest market in the world. With the economic recovery at home and abroad, it will have a great impact on the overall demand for excavators. It is expected that the sales volume of excavators in China will increase by 15% - 20% in the next three years, and the market will continue to sell well. By 2013, the annual sales volume of excavators in China will exceed 230000 units. Since most hydraulic breaking hammers are used together with excavators, the rapid development of excavators in China will stimulate the growth of hydraulic breaking hammer market capacity to a great extent, laying the foundation for the future market prosperity of hydraulic breaking hammers

at present, the hammer matching rate of excavators in the world is relatively high, among which the hammer matching rate of excavators in Japan is about 60% - 75%. The displacement measurement of this electronic universal testing machine adopts the high-speed circuit system to complete the four quadrant collection of photoelectric encoder, while that in South Korea is 53% - 60%. By contrast, at present, only 10% - 15% of excavators in China are equipped with crushing hammers. Nevertheless, with the current number of excavators, a simple calculation can see that the capacity of the domestic crushing hammer market is a considerable figure. By 2013, as predicted above, there will be an increase of more than 600000 excavators in three years. Taking this as the base, according to the conservative estimation of people in the industry, the proportion of Chinese excavators with hammers will reach 30% - 35% in the next three to five years, so the increment of hydraulic crushing hammers in the Chinese market can be predicted. Moreover, hydraulic breaking hammers can be used not only with excavators, but also with loaders and mining machinery. In addition, the elimination and renewal of existing old breaking hammers in the market will also stimulate the sales growth of hydraulic breaking hammers

to sum up, for domestic hydraulic hammer manufacturers, the future prospects are bright, but there are also great challenges. With the increase of the number of domestic hydraulic breaking hammers, the expansion of various application fields, the improvement of the quality of users, users' understanding of hydraulic breaking hammers is more professional, and their understanding of the market is deepening, which puts forward higher requirements for manufacturers, requiring hydraulic breaking hammer manufacturers to comprehensively improve their brand strength, product quality and after-sales service

with the maturity of the hydraulic hammer market, the attention and orderly management of the country, the market will be re integrated, and the situation of mixed fish and dragons in the domestic hydraulic hammer market will gradually change. Powerful brands will occupy the leading position, continue to innovate, expand sales, and provide users with high-quality and professional products and services. The domestic market will also evolve towards mature markets such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States

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