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Hydrocarbon cracking alkali washing polymerization inhibitor has obtained a patent

an inhibitor developed by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute for the polymerization reaction of hydrocarbon cracking alkali washing operation has recently obtained the national patent authorization

the inhibitor is prepared by taking water-soluble polymerization inhibitor and water-soluble antioxidant as the main components, which can effectively inhibit the carbonyl compounds such as aldehydes and ketones in the cracking gas. The reporter interviewed the head of the product quality supervision and testing center of the General Administration of publishing, the polymerization of unsaturated olefins during alkaline washing and the dissolution of the generated polymer. This technology solves the problem that the by-products of hydrocarbon cracking process poison the downstream catalyst and pollute the downstream products, and also avoids the problem that some easily oxidized compounds polymerize to produce a large number of polymers, affecting downstream production and endangering equipment

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