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Hydraulic vs mechanical Sany customers appear to teach the road roller getting rich experience

hydraulic vs mechanical Sany customers appear to teach the road roller getting rich experience

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with the gradual implementation of policies such as "infrastructure investment" and "the Belt and Road", the road roller industry has gradually become a new "gold mine" for entrepreneurs. However, on the way to success, choosing the right equipment will undoubtedly make personnel work twice with half the effort. What kind of roller can you choose to make your road to wealth more smooth

this old driver who has been involved in the road roller industry for more than ten years may be able to answer your doubts

"turning on the roller is my right decision"

Yin Yumin has been in the roller industry for more than ten years. Recalling the decision he made at that time, he deeply felt that this was the most critical step in his life

Yin Yumin, who became the owner and manipulator of the road roller, said that this two-point and one-line life between the construction site and his family made him relax, and the enthusiasm on the construction site made him get rid of the cold atmosphere in the narrow truck carriage for many years

"the mechanical roller still can't keep up with the demand"

with the growth of service and the gradual in-depth understanding of the industry, although the appearance is still that honest farmer, Yin Yumin's skills in operating the roller are more proficient

Yin Yumin: "the mechanical roller still can't keep up with the demand"

however, no matter how skillful the skill is, it can't make up for the aging of the equipment. In turn, the lightweight weight of the car is reduced by 10% - 15%, 30% - 40%, 45% - 55%

with the increase of the use time of the roller, Yin Yumin gradually found that his old partner began to be "unable to do what he wanted". The starting time is too long, the fuel consumption is too high, and the compaction effect is far from meeting the requirements after a long time of operation. This series of problems make Yin Yumin anxious, "our Gansu is windy and sandy, and it takes nearly an hour to repair the equipment every day. Now I'm old again, and I really can't bear it."

at this time, there were more and more hydraulic rollers on the construction site, and the good construction effect made him very jealous

"usually I have to wait a few minutes when I start it. They start it at once, and the compaction effect is better." Seeing that other road rollers on the construction site are "lively" and extremely vigorous, and seeing that others are making a lot of money, Yin Yumin couldn't help but rise the idea of replacing equipment - buying a new hydraulic roller

"I didn't expect Sany's activities to be so preferential!"

what brand of roller to buy, Yin Yumin almost did not hesitate to choose Sany. "When I started my career, I was surrounded by SANY equipment. Everyone usually talked about Sany products when communicating and discussing, so I basically didn't consider changing the equipment."

the ideal is always full, but the reality is skinny. When consulting the equipment, Yin Yumin found that the price of hydraulic roller on the market was much higher than that of mechanical roller, which made him start to retreat

when Yin Yumin was struggling and hesitating, his brother brought him an unexpected good news - Sany "press fast" series hydraulic roller, and the extremely cheap one can only be used for two years. It is not only a substantial price discount, but also can enjoy three major gift packages when participating in the activity, which is very cost-effective

"indeed, I can't believe the price of hydraulic roller, but anyway, I want to eliminate my mechanical roller, and I believe in Sany very much, so I decided to participate in this activity after thinking for a few days." Yin Yumin said so

"good quality and low price, this hydraulic type is too valuable!"

in order not to miss this opportunity and to bring the hydraulic roller back to the construction site as soon as possible, Yin Yumin, who has never been on a plane, almost did not hesitate to "fly" to Changsha

Sany promotional activities

Yin Yumin made a multi angle and all-round investigation in Sany workshop and commissioning site

and this trip really didn't disappoint him. After close observation and test, Yin Yumin made a decision again, took this hydraulic single cylinder wheel roller back to Gansu, and quickly put it into use

Yin Yumin brought Sany ssr220ac-8 back to Gansu for use

"easy, easy!" Yin Yumin, who officially began to use the roller, excitedly spit out such a very simple evaluation, but it makes people intuitively feel his satisfaction with this equipment. Although it was the first time to operate Sany ssr220ac-8, Yin Yumin seemed to be familiar with this device for many years

"it starts quickly, compacts well, and has strong power. The operation is simpler than the mechanical one. It deserves to be called Sany 'press fast'!" The first day this roller was tested on the construction site, it was praised by everyone. Many workers gathered to watch the ground pressed by ssr220ac-8. The ground was smoother, which was completely different from the effect that workers needed to repair in the past

Yin Yumin's Sany ssr220ac-8 roller

what surprised him more was that the Sany ssr220ac-8 hydraulic roller was completely "acclimatized" to the plateau and sandstorm in Gansu. "It's windy and dusty here, but this ssr220ac-8 roller is really good. It's in good condition when checking the equipment every day, and the maintenance is simple. It doesn't take much effort, and you don't have to envy others anymore!"

Editor's note:

it is true that in the past ten years, mechanical rollers have occupied almost the entire market with their simple manufacturing technology and low price. However, with the increase of national infrastructure investment and engineering demand, there are not only higher requirements for construction quality and progress, but also stricter inspection standards and levels of the project

therefore, the mechanical roller with complex operation and low work quality obviously cannot keep up with the needs of the times, and more bosses have turned their attention to the hydraulic roller. With the increasingly advanced manufacturing technology in China, the cost of hydraulic rollers is gradually reduced, and the "cheapness" of mechanical rollers is no longer an advantage

the hydraulic roller with high compaction quality, strong power and simpler operation is gradually becoming the leader of the roller Market in 2017. Sany "fast rolling" series roller has become the double king of the market and customers with its "full hydraulic products" and "mechanical price"

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