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The use effect of circulating water descaling equipment

the circulating water descaling equipment uses pure physical methods to continuously absorb scale and other impurities from the water, so that the continuously concentrated scaling components in the circulating water can be removed synchronously. The effect is immediate and the scale quality can be seen by the human eye. It completely replaces the traditional chemical agents and manual cleaning methods, solves the common problems in circulating water treatment, and fundamentally controls the scaling and corrosion of the circulating water system, The problems of bacteria and algae breeding, water quality deterioration and excessive concentration ratio have always kept the circulating water system in a good and stable state

the circulating water descaling equipment uses electrons as chemical reaction reagents and catalysts to gradually dissolve and reduce the rust components in the pipeline and in the water body, and then adsorb and collect the rust and other component ions through adsorption, playing the role of descaling and derusting

product features of circulating water descaling equipment:

1. Advanced technology: resonance field electronic descaling (water treatment) technology, that is, frequency conversion high-frequency electromagnetic field water treatment technology, which is the first in China and represents the new trend of electronic descaling (water treatment) technology

2. Strong adaptability: it can adapt to different water quality, and the hardness of water quality can reach 1000mg/l (calculated by CaC03)

3. Significant effect: compared with fixed frequency products, the use effect is more significant

4. Low energy consumption: more than 50% lower than that of fixed frequency products

5. Small size: compared with the fixed frequency product body, the length of each inverted table in the inverted file corresponds to the number of documents touched by one word, which is more than 30% smaller

small surface damage caused by rotating friction

6. Light weight: more than 50% lighter than that of fixed frequency products

7, small resistance: the resistance coefficient is only 0.2

8. Long service life: the service life of high-efficiency multifunctional electronic descaling instrument (electronic water processor) is more than 20 years

application scope of circulating water descaling equipment:

central air conditioning: chillers, chillers; Cooling machine, cooling circulating water system

the heating system is very accurate in the research of the experimental machine; Hot water circulation system for heating

civil, industrial, catering, geothermal water systems, etc

application effect of circulating water descaling equipment in the field of automotive interior materials:

1 The heat exchange rate of the treated circulating water system is more than 30% higher than that of the traditional chemical treatment or manual cleaning methods

2. The system saves more than 15% electricity

3. The scale inhibition rate is 95%, and the algae killing rate is 95%

4. Stop discharging sewage, greatly reduce water replenishment, and save 2/3 of water

5. The circulating water system does not scale, add chemicals, discharge sewage, grow algae, corrode, clean, and make up less water

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