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Small family bathroom decoration, although the space is small, is about the practical function of the bathroom& ldquo; Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs ”, Although the 1.5 square meter bathroom decoration area is small, it also has university problems. How do you feel when you see the words "1.5 square meters"? For any family, the bathroom of 1.5 square meters is indeed a little small, and the pressure of buying a small family life is reduced a lot. It is also possible to plan the overall effect of the bathroom of 1.5 square meters. If your home also has such a small bathroom, how to use such a small space to install the functions of the bathroom? Now let me introduce it to you

first of all, we need to consider the materials required by the bathroom, such as toilet, sink, mirror, bathroom cabinet, lighting, door

how should the products in the bathroom be placed?

method 1: the toilet is against a corner. The washbasin uses an angle hanging basin. Choose a mirror with a mirror cabinet. You can put things. Install a large towel rack on the toilet. A shower faucet is installed next to the washbasin. If the water heater is electric, it is hidden in the integrated ceiling as much as it can. It is also installed on the toilet. A corner shelf is installed next to the shower faucet. The third floor is the best! The towel bar is zero cut, and it needs to be cut as long as it takes. Make two, wash your face and shower can be separated. Because the ground is small, it is best to install everything on the wall. Things should be small and there should be more things! That's it

method 2: install the toilet on the opposite side of the door as soon as you enter, but the center should deviate to the right, that is, the center line of the toilet is measured to the right of one meter. If there are many people in the family and the access is crowded, the toilet can be shifted to the left. A water heater is installed on the wall above the back of the toilet, a wash basin is installed on the left side of the door, and the horizontal plane of the floor drain should be obviously low and easy to clean. You can sit on the toilet and get wet, or you can stand in front of the toilet and get wet

method 3: due to the small area of the bathroom, there is no isolated shower area in the bathroom, and the chassis design of the shower room is removed to ensure a good environment in the bathroom. The space above the toilet is also used, and wooden lockers are installed to store bath supplies, which not only saves space, but also has a strong storage capacity

method 4: if the bathroom is from the inside to the outside, the guard should open on the left. The color of the bathroom is gray and white to enhance the overall width of the space. There is a storage cabinet on the wall, which can put a lot of things. White bathroom, spacious windows and better lighting can improve the width of the space

Xiaobian summary: after reading so many design schemes about small-area toilets, I hope to provide you with some help. In addition, the design of small toilets should follow the principle of subtraction, and the functions or designs that can be discarded should be discarded as far as possible, while the designs that must meet the needs of life should be retained. The above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about how to use small space in the decoration of 1.5 square meters bathroom! Has everyone mastered it? For more information, please pay attention to the information





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