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The hot summer of 2015 has arrived, and mosquito repellent incense has also become an indispensable part of home life. There is no buzzing between Yi Xiang, which makes it difficult to calm down, and there is also a quiet space. If the white walls shine and are decorated with beautiful wall cloths, it will be a cool picture of midsummer. The above words are too artistic, but when the words turn, from a business manager's perspective, sometimes you see more than mosquito repellent incense floating smoke, which may lead to many incomprehensible thoughts, because people who do business often think too much

you should know that in the eyes of the five generations of 56789, the packaging of traditional burning mosquito repellent incense is the same as before. The biggest confusion is that while meeting the production process and the rationality of packaging, little attention is paid to the convenience of final consumption. I don't know how many people make mosquito repellent incense lack arms and legs in order to separate the two mosquito repellent incense plates. As a generation who grew up in the late 1980s, I am always overwhelmed by those innovative slogans, Does the manufacturer ignore the curative effect and just care about the slogan? Ignore the sexy feeling of consumer experience

as a wallcovering person fighting on the front line, the above mosquito repellent incense case is only a weak understanding of China's innovation awareness in the economic field. Perhaps an innovation is just the need of leaders to occupy high-level advertising lines. The anxiety caused by this is associated with whether seamless wallcovering manufacturers are satisfied with the current development and the same pattern. Looking at the current market of seamless wallcovering industry, the process of quantitative change tends to qualitative change, and the version is sent by Tanghua, The service is fireworks. Different people have different opinions. It depends on how dealers understand the changes in the market and the suitability of their business ideas to move with the upstream industry, so as to finally protect their own interests

mosquito repellent incense may be used for reference in the field of marketing. Now it's not a cross-border fashion label, so why not. The highlight of mosquito repellent incense lies in deep distribution and off-season promotion. Only when the service is in place can it meet his market demand. At present, the seamless wall fabric industry only focuses on the contradiction between the market share and sales caused by the release version of the sales model, which is like a cancer expanding infinitely. However, there are not many manufacturers who regard how to promote sales as the topic. They serve the business, enhance the feelings of manufacturers, and establish good business ties, In a relatively immature market, each manufacturer can only tailor its own clothes according to its own situation

due to the idea caused by the dual dialectics of mosquito repellent incense, compared with the industry market characteristics faced by Shiyun decoration, the brand is weak and the homogenization is serious. Liu Yilei proposed that the construction of a service market is imminent, which is not just a problem that the tea talk Research Association will always drag on, but a foothold for the long-term development of the enterprise. Under his proposal, Shiyun company, based on the idea of all employees and their families, jointly create wealth and seek the world, We have set up offices in Anhui and Hunan respectively to create platforms for some employees with independent business ideas. The establishment of the office has well solved the current situation of zero service in the market and the vulnerability of channel construction. It also allows the human resources and market construction faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang to be resolved in terms of financial resources and loyalty. If the market resources cannot be allocated in place, it can only be understood as a simple extensive speculation to improve the corporate image, and there is no way to build a brand

being diligent and progressive, rigorous and good at learning is a necessary professional ethics for a sales manager, and it is also a spiritual character world. Liu Yilei has a mature but so informal spirit of courage to verify in his previous management career, and sometimes holds doubts about the inherent things and puts forward improvement ideas. An excellent enterprise employee often has the foresight and detailed work plan arrangement, and good analysis and action will pull out the nail market one by one. He is worthy of being a pioneer of the enterprise, so that the products decorated by fortune have the market access certificate

Liu Yilei frankly said that no Shaoxing wall fabric enterprise can complete a complete set of production system alone. It needs to be grateful for the collaborative efforts of light textile manufacturers to promote the scientific and technological achievements of the industry. As the most direct expression of this achievement, seamless wall fabric enterprises first need to focus on thinking innovation and management innovation to achieve the best commercial results. It is a bridge, and the construction of this bridge lies in people-oriented, Shaoxing Shiyun decoration is starting from the beginning bit by bit

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