Exclusive interview with Xu Jianhua, a franchisee

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In order to develop and expand an enterprise, excellent dealers are essential. They are the mainstay of enterprise sales growth, especially in the door and window industry

excellent dealers are essential for enterprises to develop and grow. They are the mainstay of enterprise sales growth, especially in the door and window industry. A good dealer can not only greatly improve the sales volume of the brand in the region, but also greatly enhance the brand awareness and market reputation. It is the backbone of door and window enterprises that can not be ignored. In this issue, "the way of cattle business management" walks into Shuangyu wooden door, and takes you to know this cattle business who has transformed from floor to wooden door - Jiangsu Huai'an xujianhua, to see what his uniqueness is in the operation and management of the actual store

Name: Xu Jianhua

franchise brand: Double feather wooden door

franchise year: 2014

franchise area: Jiangsu Huai'an

store address: Jiangsu Huai'an Central International Decoration City

store area: 220 ㎡

business philosophy: create a high-quality team and win the market together

16 years' team building achievements: in terms of team building, not only the staff expansion, but also the overall execution and expansion ability have been greatly improved

[media] what industry did you engage in before acting as a door and window agent? Why did you join the door and window industry

[General Manager Xu of Shuangyu wooden door dealer] I mainly deal in wooden floors before engaging in doors and windows, but in the process of business, many customers have great demand for doors and windows, but I lack resources for doors and windows. Later, with the introduction of a friend from the decoration company, I learned that Shuangyu wooden door was firmly attracted by its diversified products. Its very comprehensive product line has been able to meet different consumer groups, and it happened that many customers in my hand also have such needs. Therefore, after on-site investigation, I hit it off with Shuangyu wooden door and became the dealer of Shuangyu wooden door in Huainan, Jiangsu Province. And in the actual business process, I found that the development space of the door and window industry is far greater than that of the floor. I am glad to choose the wood door industry, and I am more grateful to the brand Shuangyu wood door, which gives me a better development prospect

Shuang Yu Mu men Jiangsu Huai'an exclusive store shows

[media] how did you solve the difficulties and setbacks you encountered in the business process? What impressed you most

[General Manager Xu of shuangyumumen dealer] up to now, my store mainly depends on teams and channels. I think it is impossible to achieve good performance without a good team, and it is difficult to achieve excellent results alone. At the beginning of joining, the difficulty I encountered was that it was too difficult to find the most suitable consumer group in the exploratory stage. In the later stage, we relied on strong channel advantages to decompose the suffering step by step, and gradually won the local market. Moreover, the market reputation was getting better and better. I was most impressed by a customer who got a good home decoration effect here, and then constantly introduced his friends. Later, we became good friends. I felt very proud that the brand was recognized by the customer. Running double feather door is not only a business, but also an assistant in my interpersonal communication. I know my choice is correct

[media] what changes have taken place in your personal life since you successfully joined Shuang Yu Mu men? Why do you think there is such a change

[General Manager Xu, a dealer of Shuang Yu Mu men] after joining Shuang Yu Mu men, he contacted more high-level customer groups, and the profit space and profit points increased significantly. In the past, I also worked in the home decoration and building materials industry, but I always felt that it was a small business. I didn't earn much money, and I was very tired. I couldn't open the relationship circle. After joining Shuangyu wooden door, the advantages and characteristics of the products have opened more windows for me. From retail to engineering, from ordinary home decoration to villas, I can meet all kinds of needs, and the life circle has become larger and the business contacts have become broader

Shuangyu wooden door Jiangsu Huai'an excellent team style

[media] as an excellent door and window dealer, what opinions and suggestions can you give to new dealers (performance improvement, brand promotion, etc.)

[General Manager Xu of Shuangyu wooden door dealer] new dealers must keep warm with the industry and form a good team. Under the current bad environment, they should accurately market and invest. It is suggested that the focus of advertising should be on the residential area and the building materials market and business district. They must not aim too high, and the funds should be used on the cutting edge, otherwise it is easy to expand the cost, but the revenue does not increase too much. Only when we have a firm foothold can we move forward step by step

[media] 2016 has passed. What have you gained and learned in this year? What are your plans for 2017

[General Manager Xu of Shuangyu wooden door dealer] at the beginning of entering the wooden door industry, there are many difficulties, but no pains, no gains, especially after contacting higher-level customer groups, as long as they operate their circles carefully, the introduction effect is good, and the income is continuous. For 2017, we must first build a better team, a team that can fight hard; Secondly, we should increase cooperation with high-quality decoration companies; Finally, increase advertising investment to make the brand better. A good brand is a better shopping guide. It will let consumers automatically come to you, which is also a major advantage of double feather wood door




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