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In general, there are two situations that affect the service life of door and window glass. The first is humid air, and the second is continuous high temperature. Continuous moist air can cause glass to mildew, but under normal temperature, the rate of glass mildew is very slow, which usually takes several months. Under normal use environment, there is rarely moist air that lasts for several months, so glass exposed in the air will not mildew

ordinary glass does not have the problem of "aging" in the natural environment, and the chemical composition of the glass is very stable. In the natural state, the glass will not be affected by sunlight, rain and fog, resulting in performance degradation; Ordinary acid and alkali can't damage glass, which is clear when we think about the chemical experiment utensils when reading

generally, the mildew of glass occurs in the process of overlapping storage of glass. Glass is relatively easy to mildew when it is stacked in a wet warehouse or exposed to the rain. Generally speaking, raw glass without tempering is more likely to mildew than tempered glass

regardless of the factor of thermal cracking, the temperature below 300 ℃ has no effect on the glass life and chemical stability. However, with the increase of temperature above 300 ℃, the physical and chemical properties of glass will change with the increase of temperature

in terms of physical properties, general glass begins to soften at about 600 degrees. In terms of chemical properties, the increase of temperature will cause crystallization in the glass, and make the glass gradually change from transparent to fuzzy

the process of glass crystallization losing transparency takes several days at 700 ℃, and may take months or even years at 300 ℃. At room temperature, the crystallization of glass may take tens of thousands of years, so it can be ignored





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