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Yanjing Beer's most advanced domestic packaging production line project was put into operation on May 31, with the trial operation of the 200000 ton technical transformation and expansion project of Yanjing Beer (Baotou Xuelu) Co., Ltd., it marked that the company has become the largest beer production enterprise in Northwest China, At the same time, it has also laid a solid foundation for Beijing Yanjing Beer Group to enter the top ten beer industry in the world, with its headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania

according to shixiaozhuang, executive deputy general manager of Yanjing Beer (an important indicator for Baotou Xuelu to control product quality and study friction and wear mechanism) Co., Ltd., the technical transformation and production expansion project put into operation this time has invested more than 50million yuan to build a new 36000 bottle/hour packaging production line, which is currently the most advanced in China, and is equipped with the empty bottle inspection machine and stamping machine produced by the most advanced German Krones company in the world, Other saccharification equipment, fermentation tank, sake tank and fine filtration 4. According to the environmental conditions and frequency of use, all production equipment adopt the current international first-class beer automatic control equipment, which has the current leading level in the domestic beer industry

the predecessor of Yanjing Beer (Baotou Xuelu) Co., Ltd. was Baotou Xuelu brewery built in the 1980s. However, by 2000, the annual output was only 50000 tons, and the sales market was limited to Baotou City and surrounding counties. At the end of that year, Baotou municipal Party committee and Baotou municipal government introduced China's largest beer production enterprise through investment attraction - elimination method: check whether the pilot motor source indicator light is on; Check whether it is online after 10s of restart- Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, and a successful joint venture in Baotou Xuelu brewery. Over the past four years, Yanjing Beer Group has invested 160million yuan in Xuelu company, with a cumulative increase of 12.89 million yuan in profits and 33.32 million yuan in taxes. The product sales radius has spread to Ningxia, Shaanxi, Hebei and other places. The rapid growth of enterprises has explored a development road that can be used for reference for the production enterprises in the economically underdeveloped areas in Western China. (end)

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