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Yanshan domestic service network center allows operating residents to enjoy dozens of services

just dial one, and they can enjoy dozens of services at home, such as meal delivery, medical treatment, and even purchasing on behalf of others. On the 26th, Yanshan domestic service network center started trial operation. Residents living in Yanshan Street area only need to dial one or send a text message, and the staff of the service network center will contact the relevant contracted service providers to provide door-to-door services according to the requirements of the residents

figure: the staff are answering the call from residents to "locate and query the location of the elderly, which is just a small function of this network center." Jiang Ning, the relevant person in charge of Yanshan domestic service network center, said that at present, the center can provide dozens of services, including moving and decoration. The new national standard system for food contact materials and products (hereinafter referred to as food contact materials) in China has been basically constituted, cleaning, catering, medical treatment, etc. It is reported that the center was jointly established by Yanshan street, Lixia District and a Beijing Technology Company, with "The wireless network in Yanshan street is based on the favorable conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export. At present, 24 call customer service seats have been set up.

an example can illustrate the specific process of the service provided by the service center. If a resident wants to find a nanny, he can mainly inform the service center by calling the center, sending text messages or logging in stations. According to the residents According to the requirements, the center will first let the qualified company a contact the residents. If both parties reach an agreement, the center will generate a service order, and then the service provider will dispatch workers. After the completion, the service provider submits the completion application to the center. Finally, the center pays a return visit to the residents to determine the completion and service quality, and scores the service provider. If the residents do not accept the service standard of company a, company a will feed back the "rejection" information to the center, and the center will ask company B to contact the residents again

"the main purpose is to realize the connection between residents' needs and franchisees' services. As long as residents call the center, they can wait at home and visit the service provider. Residents' calls are charged according to ordinary local calls, and other service fees are negotiated with the service provider." Jiang Ning said that if residents are not satisfied with the service, they can complain to the network center, which will coordinate with the residents and service providers. If not, they can apply for coordination with the Consumer Association

more than 700 franchisees have ensured the timeliness and quality of services

according to the person in charge of Yanshan sub district office, the service of the center is, homonymous for "dial me, dial me, dial me". The center monitors the whole process of answering residents' needs and providing services. In the early stage, franchisees are screened according to the standards of complete certificates to ensure the timeliness and quality of services. Next, the network service center will gradually expand its scale according to the actual situation, "the service scope is not limited to the streets, but the goal is the whole Jinan City"

it is reported that the center has more than 700 franchisees, including hospitals and housekeeping companies. From the early morning of the 26th to 4:30 p.m., nearly 400 call service centers, of which there are many demands for nannies, family ward caregivers, etc. Qilu Evening News

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