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Yanshan Petrochemical Polypropylene capacity expansion project started the project of Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to expand the 200000 t/a polypropylene plant to 280000 T/A has been fully started. All capacity expansion and transformation projects will be completed during the overhaul of the plant, and it is expected to start in the second half of the year

including nano scale imaging equipment, it is reported that Yanshan Petrochemical Polypropylene 200000 t/a polypropylene unit has been operating steadily for more than 30 days, reaching the assessment indicators, and achieving the targets of unit output and product quality. On this basis, Yanshan Petrochemical has also developed and produced a variety of special materials with tight market and high added value, including K7708, a 500 ton special material for washing machine shell, which was successfully produced not long ago

in view of the large gap in China's polypropylene market and the need for a large number of imports every year, Yanshan Petrochemical started the 280000 T/a polypropylene capacity expansion project in order to further improve economic benefits, reduce production costs and enhance market competitiveness

the spandex in it is also a polyurethane statement:

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