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Yanhaoming Innovation Studio: carry out innovation to the end

Abstract: since the beginning of the year, yanhaoming Innovation Studio has collected 44 rationalization suggestions and completed 37 improvements, which not only significantly improved the production efficiency, but also saved a lot of human and material costs for the enterprise

on April 14, 2017, the assembly workshop of major product lines of ZOJE Machine Tool Co., Ltd. held a special "award ceremony", and yanhaoming, the head of the Innovation Studio, presented prizes to the employees who put forward reasonable suggestions. This is the third "award ceremony" held by yanhaoming Innovation Studio, and more than 20 people have won awards successively. Now, innovation is everywhere in ZOJE Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and has become a common practice

yanhaoming Innovation Studio: carry out innovation to the end

yanhaoming Innovation Studio was established in 2015. The studio takes innovation as the core, project research and application as the carrier, and "1+n" (i.e. one person finds problems, and multiple people solve them in a collaborative manner) to teach post knowledge, share innovation experience, and make common progress and common improvement. "There are inevitably some deviations between product design and actual operation, but these trivial details can not be ignored. Behind any minor improvement, there may be great value." As a senior engineer who has worked in the design position for more than 20 years, yanhaoming knows the importance of process rationality. Since the establishment of the Innovation Studio, yanhaoming has put innovation and improvement in the first place and taken "improving the rationality of product process" as the working purpose

"rationalization suggestions are not made by 'tapping the forehead'. They must take root in the production line, find and solve problems from the source of innovation and improvement." In order to comprehensively collect reasonable suggestions, the Innovation Studio widely distributed "hero posts" to the quality inspection department, processing workshop, assembly workshop and other production units, and distributed "technical improvement collection form" to each section team. As long as there are ideas and ideas, every employee can put forward difficult problems and improvement methods in the work. At the same time, in order to encourage innovation, the Innovation Studio regularly held activities to collect reasonable suggestions with prizes, and awarded prizes to those who put forward effective suggestions. "Although the prize is small, it has improved the enthusiasm and initiative of employees to participate in rationalization suggestion activities, and formed an innovative atmosphere of daring to give opinions and loving to give opinions within the enterprise." Yanhaoming said

for the collected rationalization suggestions, the Innovation Studio summarized and analyzed them by categories. Yanhaoming organized relevant personnel of the technology and production departments to hold technical exchange meetings. For parts with high failure rate in warehousing inspection and high processing scrap rate, he worked together to develop process improvement plans; For the difficult problems fed back in the assembly process, work together to find solutions. After the improvement, the Innovation Studio posted the technical improvement scheme on the "yanhaoming Innovation Studio rationalization proposal" exhibition board, so that the progress and results of the improvement can be seen at a glance

at the beginning of the year, Wang Peng, head of the assembly section, filled in the "technical improvement collection form" and submitted it to yanhaoming Innovation Studio for the occasional c-axis positioning alarm of GMC series gantry machine tools. Yanhaoming combed and checked with the technicians one by one, and finally locked the problem on the c-axis encoder. Originally, the "seven position small switch" used in the c-axis orientation was designed more than ten years ago. Nowadays, this structure has "mainly composed of five parts: outdated". Its stability is far less than that of the angle encoder. Finding the crux of the problem will make the next work much easier. The Innovation Studio replaced the "seven position small switch" with a steel grating ruler. On the one hand, the directional stability of the c-axis has been greatly improved, on the other hand, the processing and assembly difficulties of relevant parts have been greatly reduced, and nearly half of the processing cost of the enterprise has been saved by relying on the gap between them. The "stubborn disease" that has plagued the Department decoration section for many years has finally been cured. At present, the improved products have sold nearly ten sets to better improve the quality of publishing products, and have been highly praised by users

in the past, the installation of the screw mother seat required repeated adjustment, which was time-consuming and laborious. In March, tongmingshuang, the section chief of the general assembly workshop, complained to yanhaoming: "it will take at least half a day to adjust the wire base. Now the construction period is so tight, is there any good way?" In order to solve this problem, yanhaoming organized technicians and assembly workers to study and improve the existing structure and assembly process of the wire base. After repeated tests and demonstrations conducted by its leaders, this improvement has saved 5 hours of man hours for the installation and commissioning of the screw mother seat, and significantly improved the assembly efficiency

since the beginning of the year, yanhaoming Innovation Studio has collected 44 rationalization suggestions and completed 37 improvements, which not only significantly improved the production efficiency, but also saved a lot of human and material costs for the enterprise

"innovation is not as big as you think. Every major technological change comes from insignificant small improvements. As long as you are a conscientious person, do not avoid problems encountered in your work, and carefully look for solutions, innovation is around us." Yanhaoming said so

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