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Yantai Beer bags converted into coke bottles Jiaodong August 4 the general office of the State Council recently issued a notice requiring all localities to carry out 10 national energy-saving actions. The notice reiterated that the relevant provisions restricting the use of plastic shopping bags in production and sales should be strictly implemented, and it is advocated to carry heavy cloth bags and vegetable baskets, reuse energy-saving and environment-friendly shopping bags, reduce oil consumption and protect the ecological environment. In recent days, it has been found in the interview that Yantai citizens are not satisfied with using only heavy cloth to use large fixed and commercial refrigeration bags and baskets if the change-over switch is turned to the fast reverse gear, and they have also developed some new containers in their lives

don't use plastic bags. I have my belongings with me! At noon on August 2, the heat was intense. Aunt pangshuqin, who lives in the new world garden apartment community, went to the gate store to buy bulk beer for her wife. While talking, she raised a large coke bottle from the woven basket

pangshuqin recalled that when she was a child, every family had a rattan basket or a bamboo basket. Every time I go to the supply and marketing cooperatives to buy goods, I carry these things. Not only that, it often contains soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles, and special cans for women to buy cosmetics and cream

at that time, the conditions were poor, and everyone unconsciously did something economical. Now that the conditions are good, many people have lost the habit of using bottles and cans. Pangshuqin said that now, the State advocates the nationwide energy conservation action, and previously issued the plastic restriction order, which she thinks is a good thing. Therefore, she also began to break the previous routine of using bags for bulk beer, and bought bulk beer with her own large coke bottle

it is learned that after the implementation of the plastic restriction order, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places in Yantai have all charged for plastic bags, while the tradition of free bags for beer has not changed, and bulk beer dealers are also very distressed. At present, smart phones, ultrabooks, LEDs and smart appliances for bulk beer are the most important products in the electronic information and electrical industry. Plastic bags are distributed according to the weight of 5 kg. However, if a customer wants to get 1 kg of beer, we have to give him a bag. The customer can bring a bottle of wine himself, which not only saves environmental protection, but also makes it convenient for businesses. It is worth advocating! Liquor plastic bag dealer Ms. Bai said. It is reported that the plastic bags provided by the wine delivery personnel to the wine sellers are specially customized and of good quality. At present, due to the rising price of raw materials, the production cost of plastic bags is getting higher and higher. Beer in bags is a big strange thing in Yantai. Beer in bags is a big strange thing in the eyes of outsiders. This tradition has existed for decades. Now it is the hot summer season. I estimate that we Yantai people have to drink hundreds of tons of bulk beer a day. If we no longer use bags, but use used coke bottles, we can save tens of thousands of plastic bags a day! I hope we Yantai people can do this! Pangshuqin laughed and called for unstable friction

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