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China has achieved a major breakthrough in mechanical seal technology

specifically, 0% of oil refining and chemical safety accidents are caused by secret 1 Jaw slipping; It is caused by seal leakage, so preventing leakage has always been a worldwide problem. Recently, it was learned from PetroChina Northeast Refining and Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. that this problem has been solved by zhaolinyuan, an employee of the company. He presided over the "technical transformation of mechanical seals" and won the second prize of the 2008 National Science and technology progress award at the national science and technology award conference

Zhao Linyuan is an ordinary employee. After working, he taught himself mechanical seal design and installation, mechanical seal principle, metal materials, process processing and other courses. For more than ten years, he has measured and drawn drawings by himself, and transformed the seals. In the transformation of the seals of a set of equipment imported from the United States, its service life changed from a few days to six years, while the foreign highest record was only three years, creating the highest record in the world at present. So far, he has successively carried out 81 localization transformations on the seals of 75 sets of imported equipment, creating a value of more than 25 million yuan for the enterprise

experts believe that "mechanical sealing or curve amplification sealing technology transformation" means that the mechanical sealing device is indeed reliable, indicating that the quality of the experimental machine has been localized, and has reached the world's advanced level, filling the domestic gap, and ending the history of the sealing device relying on foreign imports

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