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"Mechanical + manual" snow and ice removal Nanjing urban management stuck to the

long huxun overnight (correspondent Yang Qinyun, Tian Jinghui, Duanmu, Yang Junyu, Wang Xiao, Wang Zhenxing, Xu Yunbo, Qu Xi, Liu Chunyong, Ma Qianli). At noon yesterday (December 30), snowflakes began to fall over Nanjing. At night, snow had already appeared in the urban area. In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of citizens' travel, Nanjing snow and antifreeze headquarters deployed urban management and other departments to sweep snow overnight, Inspect the snow condition and remove snow and ice by "mechanical + manual" method. According to statistics, a total of 55000 sanitation workers, urban management and law enforcement personnel, public security and traffic police were dispatched to Nanjing to sweep snow and remove ice

(the urban management team of Pukou brigade cleared the snow on the sidewalk to ensure the safety of citizens.)

yesterday afternoon, Nanjing Urban Management Department responded to the snowy weather and quickly launched the emergency plan. Jiangbei new area inspected the pedestrian overpass and found that there was snow on the bridge deck, so the team members sprayed the snow melting agent; Jiangning District snow sweeping and antifreeze emergency teams, materials and equipment are all arranged and deployed in place, and snow sweeping areas are allocated. Once snow or emergencies are found on the road, immediate action is taken to escort the safe travel of citizens; The drum tower sanitation department shall implement anti freezing and anti-skid measures for all public toilets, lay straw mats, check whether the fuse is damaged, sprinkle snow melting agent on the slope, and timely clean the floor water; The Hexi Jianhuan road in Jianye District corresponds to the sky viaduct. Snow melting agent is sprayed on each ramp to remove snow and ice, d=m+ms (2)

(the urban management team of Xuanwu brigade spreads snow melting agent on the viaduct.)

(the environmental sanitation emergency center starts the snowmobile to work on the elevated double bridge gate.)

(the muck squadron of Qinhuai brigade sprinkled salt and deicing at gaoqiaomen elevated junction.)

last night, the urban management departments of all districts organized personnel and coordinated snow sweeping machinery and vehicles, and carried out comprehensive snow removal work on the main and secondary roads under their jurisdiction by means of man-machine integration. Lishui District Urban Management Bureau sprinkles salt on snow and ice prone areas such as urban bridges to prevent snow and ice; According to the emergency plan, Gaochun urban management organized personnel to spread snow melting agent on the bridge deck, main roads and other areas to clear the snow; Qixia urban management sprinkled snow melting agent on main roads and covered the icy sections of Taixin road with straw mats in time to ensure travel safety; The urban management department of Yuhuatai District spreads snow melting agent on main roads, bridges, ramps, etc., spreads straw mats on some sidewalks, and sends snow removal machinery and equipment to clean the snow on main roads. At 10:30 p.m. last night, all the viaducts in the city were opened. At 2 a.m. this morning, the municipal snow sweeping headquarters carried out continuous inspections of all viaducts, main and secondary roads, subway entrances and bus stops in the city. At 3 a.m., all units organized snow sweeping forces to comprehensively remove the snow and ice on the roads, and extended to the streets and alleys. At 5 a.m., the city can re analyze the curve, and the headquarters will feed back the inspection, issue the work priorities, urge the units to implement the priorities, and further refine the rectification

at present, the main access roads to and from the city, such as the Yangtze River Bridge, the second bridge, the third bridge, the Yangtze River tunnel, the airport connecting line, and the Shanghai Nanjing expressway connecting line, are unblocked, the traffic of all viaducts and primary and secondary trunk roads in the city is smooth, and the citizens in public places such as subway entrances and exits, bus stops, residential vegetable markets, shopping malls and supermarkets have convenient travel

according to the municipal snow and antifreeze headquarters, as of 7 o'clock today (December 31), Nanjing has dispatched about 55000 environmental sanitation workers, urban management and law enforcement personnel, public security and traffic police, etc., consuming about 1100 tons of snow melting agent, and 3691 snow sweeping machines such as snowroller, snow melting agent spreader, pickup truck, law enforcement vehicle, etc

in order to avoid accidents in freezing weather, Nanjing snow and antifreeze headquarters also announced to the public at the first time yesterday afternoon that the research on porous polymer material capture and catalytic CO2 conversion of the Institute of chemical technology has made progress:

1 Reduce unnecessary travel in snowy and freezing weather, care for the elderly, and do a good job of cold prevention and warmth preservation for the elderly and the weak

2. The outdoor temperature is low. When going out, pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, wear non slip shoes, and ride less bicycles

3. In snowy weather, there is snow and freezing on the road. Please pay attention to the safety of vehicles and pedestrians on the road, be careful and slow down, and beware of traffic accidents

4. Ensure the antifreeze and supply of outdoor living facilities

5. Transfer the flowers, vegetables, fruits and other items vulnerable to the cold wave and strong wind indoors

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