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Development of virtual model library of mechanical drawing based on SolidWorks

mechanical drawing is an important basic course for mechanical majors. In classroom teaching, a large number of models are needed to cultivate students' spatial imagination ability and enable students to have certain drawing and understanding ability. Teaching model is indispensable for students to complete the transformation from two-dimensional plane space to three-dimensional space. Because the traditional model is inconvenient to carry and needs special personnel to keep, it is inconvenient for both teachers and students to use. With the development of computer technology, multimedia teaching is more and more popular with teachers and students. Using SolidWorks 3D solid design software can create a virtual dynamic model library, which can completely overcome the shortcomings of traditional teaching models, create conditions and provide support for multimedia teaching, and is also an important part of implementing the teaching reform of mechanical drawing course. The virtual model library produced by this topic mainly includes the use of solidworks2009 software to create various three-dimensional models and render them, and then convert them into two-dimensional engineering drawings. The use of plug-ins to use eDrawings and animator for animation design. Complex animation design can be designed using FlashMX software, and the use of Dreamweaver MX software as a platform for page production

1 overall production of model base

the development of the teaching model base of mechanical drawing course is to summarize, summarize and synthesize the teaching content of mechanical drawing course, and develop the teaching model and animation that meet the teaching needs according to the requirements of the teaching content. Therefore, in the development process, the teaching model is divided into five categories, basic body, assembly, sectional view, typical parts and assembly, as shown in Figure 1

2 3D model modeling

using the 3D solid modeling tools of solidworks2009 software, including matrix features (stretching, rotation, tracing, lofting, etc.) and design features (shell drawing, reinforcement, hole, chamfer, rounding, etc.) and mirror features (array, mirror, etc.), you can create Ren Li conveniently and quickly. Entities with complex shapes. Three dimensional modeling mainly includes basic body modeling, part modeling, cutting solid and assembly modeling. As shown in Figure 2 (a) (b) (c) (d), the modeling of basic body, part, sectioning and assembly are respectively. According to the designer's intention, the required colors, materials, etc. can be given to the graphics

3 establishment of two-dimensional view expression library

in SolidWorks system, three-dimensional graphics and two-dimensional views are related. Accurate two-dimensional engineering drawings can be automatically generated from the three-dimensional solid model, including basic views, oblique views and various sectional views, and the dimensions and technical requirements notes can be displayed in the two-dimensional views. The association between SolidWorks' two-dimensional view and three-dimensional model makes the shape and size of the model easier. Changing the size of the three-dimensional model or two-dimensional view during the design process will automatically update the three-dimensional entity and all two-dimensional views. Therefore, after creating a large number of virtual models, the corresponding engineering drawing library can be generated easily and quickly. As shown in Figure 3, the two-dimensional engineering drawing shown in Figure 3 (b) can be generated quickly and automatically according to the three-dimensional model figure 3 (a)

4 utilization Edrawing and FlashMX realize the dynamic simulation of the model. According to our experiment

s olidworks plug-in edrawin, CAD files can be easily shared through edrawing. Edrawing is a special file that can be sent by email, decompressed and browsed by itself. For 2D graphics, edrawin9 can enlarge, reduce and move the graphics surface at will without distortion by using the relevant tools in the "standard view Toolbar", and the operation is very simple and intuitive. SolidWorks provides the function of disassembly and assembly for assembling and disassembling the body at will. As shown in Figure 4, the graph is displayed in


use FlashMX software to make some more complex animations. Simple animations can use animator plug-in to realize part motion simulation and operation. Through recording, you can get animation files in a VI format, or save them as a series of BMP or TGA format static images, and then carry out post-processing. When animator renders animation, select the photoworks buffer in the image renderer bar, and you can use photoworks to set materials, lights, and backgrounds for the assembly to increase the effect of animation. The assembly physical ability automatically generates explosion mounds, which makes the assembly unitary self relationship and working principle more clearly reflected. Figure 5 shows the interface of the plug-in animator

With the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, using network for knowledge dissemination has become an effective teaching method to break the time and geographical restrictions. After the mechanical drawing virtual model base is completed, it can be released to the network, and can be made into a school centered local network, so that students can realize network teaching in class and after class. A large number of three-dimensional models and two-dimensional engineering views of typical parts and components are collected in the model library, and different expression methods are adopted. The virtual model library can change the monotonous mode of traditional teaching, change the teaching concept, take students as the center, stimulate students' interest in learning, make students change from "seeing more" to "knowing more", and help students change from passive learning to active learning, so as to improve learning efficiency. The combination of virtual model library and modern network technology can fully reflect the advantages of the network era. Students can browse on the Internet to learn and review their own parts, which can be used as teaching resources for teachers and students

6 conclusion

model base plays a great role in stimulating students' interest in learning. With the help of computer virtual model, the key points in teaching, such as intersection line, intersection line, assembly, sectional view, parts and assembly, can significantly improve the expression method of mechanical strength of components made of fiber-reinforced and compact thermoplastic compounds. If there are ways to overcome the above shortcomings of PMMA, it will greatly improve its use efficiency. The difficult content will be clearly, vividly and vividly displayed in front of students. We should constantly add the models of actual parts to the virtual model base, so that the model base can be continuously improved, better serve teaching, and better cultivate students' spatial imagination ability, spatial thinking ability, as well as practical ability, observation ability, autonomous learning ability, innovation ability and engineering consciousness

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