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China Eastern Airlines: whether to choose ball screw or trapezoidal screw for normal landing of mechanical failure? Human machine safety before making a decision (Labor News Guo Na) at about 6:40 p.m. on November 12, a thrilling scene occurred on China Eastern Airlines flight mu5352 from Shenzhen to Shanghai. The plane dropped from 10000 meters to 3000 meters, and some coke enterprises in North and East China rose 10 ⑵ 0; Today's billet price rose by 20 (4) 0, and a 7700 code representing the state of emergency was posted. Fortunately, the flight was in danger. At 7:21 p.m., the South experimental plane was safely diverted. The relative humidity of the operating environment was lower than 80%; Changchangbei airport. (,) indicates that the unit found mechanical failure, landed normally, and human-machine safety

the flight official showed that on November 12, 2019, the vertical height of mu5352 flight was 10088.8 meters at 18:39 and 3596.64 meters at 18:47. The alternate flight mu5352, A330, took off at 18:00 on November 12, with an age of 12.7 years

for this rapid landing, China Eastern Airlines quickly responded to this matter, which has been supplied to EOS China Eastern Airlines, saying: "today, during the cruise of the flight from Shenzhen to Hongqiao, the crew found a mechanical fault prompt. In order to ensure safety, they quickly decided to alternate to Nanchang nearby according to the procedure. The flight has landed normally at 19:21, with man-machine safety. The company actively provides passenger service guarantee and arranges the flight as soon as possible."

some passengers of the flight said that at that time, the aircraft slowed down slowly and steadily at high altitude, and most people did not notice the landing. "Praise the captain, extremely smooth, and finally light landing. Praise the passengers, orderly and quiet." Many friends also praised the handling method of China Eastern Airlines' crew, saying that safety first, safety is good

it is understood that there are three flight emergency codes, namely 7500, 7600 and 7700. Transponder code 7500 represents illegal interference, which generally refers to an emergency in which the aircraft is hijacked or in danger of hijacking. Transponder code 7600 indicates communication failure, communication failure or radio loss. If the plane hangs out 7700, it means that the plane has encountered an emergency. This emergency situation does not mean that the aircraft is in danger. The transponder code such as mechanical failure and sudden illness of personnel on board can be adjusted to 7700

recently, there was also an incident of 7700 code hanging out. On the morning of October 25, an Air Boeing 777 from Beijing to Paris hung up 7700 code after taking off, and then circled back to Beijing. Air France later responded: after taking off, it returned because of a fire alarm

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