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Mechanical engineering can achieve cost reduction and space savings

the assembly line and testing facilities of ATS automation tooling Systems GmbH, located in kishiheim near Munich, are very complex, which are composed of machines connected together in a modular system; The high degree of product homogeneity is based on the function and the process involved, and its scale can be as high as 50 meters or more. These machines are manufactured by Canadian companies in accordance with customer specifications and are widely used in automotive, electrical and cosmetic industries

to meet its safety design requirements, ATS applies the configurable control system PNOZmulti to its mechanical equipment. Facing the increasing complexity of machinery and the problem of integrating safety and standard processes in the same system, ATS uses the Automation System PSS 4000 to deal with it

ats was founded in 2011. At that time, two assembly lines were used to assemble two sets of almost identical machines. However, for machines produced in Germany and the United States respectively, each production line used the Automation System PSS 4000. Since then, PSS 4000 has been used in other assembly lines in the United States and Mexico. The hardware setting is the same as the first ATS item. Although there are some special friction and wear testing machines in China at present, the customized software program can also be transferred, which significantly reduces the engineering cost

The production line is about 25 meters long and mainly consists of several side-by-side assembly and test stations, including pneumatic devices, robots and transmission devices with up to 16 axes. The safety briefing is to monitor the protection functions of the assembly line accessible from both sides, such as emergency stop button, protective cover, machine cover, safety door and PSEN sensor for position scanning and sensing the dangerous action of the feeding point. Another aspect of the briefing is to find safe solutions for the shutdown of feedback loops, lasers, helium systems, and linear drives

the system and function control devices provided by other suppliers are connected by the central processing unit and the control system pssuniversal PLC through PROFIBUS DP. The previous module communicates with three local pssuniversal i/o systems installed on both sides of the assembly line through real-time Ethernet safetynet P. Safetynet P can be used to transmit safety related and non safety related data. Therefore, there are safety related FS module and non safety related St i/o module on PLC control unit and i/o main module. These can be controlled and read through PROFIBUS DP. In addition to safety related data, the whole system also needs to process standard data. Pssuniver creep means that Sal PLC reads all data under constant load and transmits the status to the external control unit of the master station through PROFIBUS. In this way, the standard data can be modified in its application program and the information is returned to pssuniversal PLC, which then switches the standard output accordingly. ATS is impressed by its flexibility and can simultaneously process safety related signals and standard i/o with PSS 4000. Therefore, the already crowded control box no longer needs to contain i/o modules. This can ultimately save space and cost

like the programmable logic controller, the control system pssuniversal PLC can use en/iec programming language to program standards and safety tasks. At this point, you can use PAS IL (instruction list) and PAS STL (structured text). Other programming languages shall comply with en/iec standards. The device is completely based on the software platform pas4000, so the standard operation can be guaranteed. The en/iec programming language can also be easily combined with the programmer pasmulti

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