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The media alliance has made a strong effort to build the 2012 Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition

the 9th China Guangzhou 24-hour uninterrupted testing needs International Paper Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: 2012 Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition) will be grandly opened at the poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou on July, 2012. This Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition is jointly sponsored by Guangdong Paper Industry Association, Shandong Light Industry Machinery Association, Henan Paper Industry Association and Zhejiang Paper Industry Association. It has received the full support of major paper printing and packaging enterprises across the country, and has organized groups to participate in the exhibition. Booth reservations are hot. Many industry media have joined the ranks of supporting media for in-depth coverage of the 2012 Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition, so as to promote the consumption of China's paper industry The idea of expanding foreign markets is more popular

according to the needs of exhibitors and buyers, the organizing committee carefully planned six high-end activities, which fully reflected the high-specification, multi perspective and all-round characteristics of this Guangzhou Paper Exhibition, and further improved the participation of the industry. Guangzhou Aochi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the organizer of this Guangzhou Paper Exhibition, used its own resource advantages to carry out three-dimensional publicity of the exhibition, and at the same time, cooperated with dozens of industry media to carry out strong promotion, ensuring that the self-locking of the exhibition is generally inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency inside and outside the industry

2012 Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition supports a strong media lineup, including: China paper, China paper, international paper, paper information, paper and paper, paper week news, paper shopping guide, paper industry, sanitary products industry, paper chemicals, light industrial machinery, packaging engineering, China paper, China paper, China paper, China paper portal, China pulp and paper Papermaking talents, China's timely reinforced paper products, daily household paper, household paper, sanitary products industry, China's papermaking industry, China's papermaking machinery, paper washing, special paper, special paper wholesale, China India, keyin, Bisheng printing, Shantou printing, China printing, South China printing and packaging, global printing equipment, e-show printing, China packaging, 365 packaging procurement, China packaging and printing exhibition, Pearl River printing, China printing and packaging China roll industry, etc. And overseas media "euwid paper", "pulp paper logistics", "etc

in addition, the Organizing Committee continues to cooperate with well-known industry stations, magazines and newspapers at home and abroad to promote the 2012 Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition with the greatest publicity. With the full support of all major media, Guangzhou International Paper Exhibition is bound to raise another procurement storm in the paper printing and packaging industry

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