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As the most influential event in the field of global digital entertainment, ChinaJoy 2019 brings together the world's top digital entertainment products, covering games, animation, film and television music, literature, e-sports, intelligent entertainment and other fields. Since its inception in 2004, Each session has attracted the attention and popularity of digital entertainment enthusiasts. The scale of exhibitors and the number of exhibitors have reached new highs, and the highest number of exhibitors in a single day has reached 134000. This year, Intel once again dominated the pavilion, and the whole theme venue exploded, "Core? I7, born for games "The high-speed sampling number of koujing computer is deeply embedded in the hearts of every exhibitor.

the whole process of this ChinaJoy exhibition has numerous highlights. In addition to the high-profile showgirl, all kinds of high-tech entertainment products also attract countless attention. As the first show of CJ, the mechanical revolution took out sincere exhibits and gifts, which shone brightly in the Intel theme museum, giving game lovers unprecedented comfort Check

in particular, the interactive game of mechanical revolution held at CJ booth on August 4 detonated the warm atmosphere of the entire Intel Theme Pavilion. The stage activities of the mechanical revolution are full of surprises and highlights. Heavy gifts such as Bluetooth headsets, vacuum cleaners, facial cleansers, theme backpacks and so on have ignited the enthusiasm of the on-site audience again and again, and the cheers have risen from wave to wave

in addition to stage interaction, the mechanical revolution also exhibited a number of heavyweight products on the booth, covering game books, thin books and other categories. After experiencing the products, the players present all praised the extreme performance experience brought by the mechanical revolution notebook

the light and thin comprehensive screen is the common feature of the whole series of products of the mechanical revolution. It bid farewell to the silly, big, black and thick image of the traditional game book, and met the new aesthetic needs of the majority of game lovers. The mechanical revolution closely followed the hardware iteration pace of upstream manufacturers. The 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor +nv graphics card was upgraded and launched in the whole industry, making gamers experience the latest game performance first. The cutting-edge SPC overclocking technology has brought the high performance of notebooks to the extreme in large steel enterprises, and the on-site players were all amazed

as we all know, the ninth generation of intelligent Intel? Core? It is completely understandable that bentler Sigri is not ready to reveal many details. Mobile processors allow players to enjoy a desktop level 3A game experience anytime, anywhere. Game recording and live broadcasting also have extraordinary performance due to the large, comprehensive and high-speed configuration angle. With optimized battery performance and support for thousands of megabits of Wi Fi speed Intel? Wi Fi 6 ax200 - based on the new Wi Fi standard with low latency and ultra fast connection speed - comprehensively improves the gaming experience of notebook computers

the extraordinary performance experience has constantly refreshed the cognition of game lovers on notebooks, re established the domestic benchmark of the industry, and made countless players full of confidence in the domestic brand of notebooks

we have reason to believe that in the future, there will be more and more excellent domestic brands in the field of notebook computers. From Lenovo in the past to the current mechanical revolution, there has never been a lack of entrepreneurs in China. We also believe that the mechanical revolution will stick to its original intention, continue to make computers for China and continue to strive for glory for notebook domestic brands

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