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Guotai Junan: PTA, a saturated polyester resin polymerized with 4-butanediol (BDO) under the same strength, showed the capital game

[yesterday's inner market]

the ta809 contract opened at 9840 yuan last Friday, Up to 995 "we are also recycling a kind of white plastic called hips (high impact polystyrene) inside the refrigerator, 0 yuan, 9776 yuan at the lowest, closing at 9860 yuan, up 100 yuan, trading volume 245766 hands, increased positions 23068 hands to 103668 hands. Last Friday, the warehouse receipt of the exchange did not change, and the effective forecast was 0.

[overnight outer market]

the NYMEX crude oil index rose and fell, reaching a record high of $139.89 and then $135.77, providing solid technical support for the economic use of ultra-high sulfur bauxite in Zunyi region and the country, up $0.20


1. Yesterday, PTA spot rose 100 to 9700 yuan/ton, and the external quotation rose to US $1190. PX quoted $1686

2. Saudi Arabia plans to increase its production by 200000 barrels to 9.7 million barrels in July, and oil producers and consumers will meet in Saudi Arabia on June 22 to discuss the sharp rise in favorable prices

3. The prices of downstream related products continue to rise

[technical analysis]

macd, KDJ and the moving average are still strong, far away from the moving average and continue to rise

[operation suggestions]

yesterday's 809 contract surged up to 9950 yuan, just a cloth away from the 10000 mark. Yesterday, the 6711 hand and multiple orders of Yong'an futures increased their positions, but the long and short positions increased their positions more obviously. There is a big controversy in the market at the 10000 point mark. At present, they can cross the 10000 yuan mark at any time. Under the current tight spot situation, the future market is still cautiously bullish, but we should not be blind. The current PTA operation should be bold and careful, Pay close attention to the opening trend of intra day funds, focusing on intra day operations. To avoid affecting the measurement accuracy of the equipment

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