PS price rises in the hottest international market

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The price of PS in the international market rose

the price of GPPS resin increased by $15 per ton compared with last week. The traders' bid price of shipping in the first half of September was $per ton CFR Hong Kong, which cautiously supported the rise of the market PS price, because the traders bid $810 per ton CFR Hong Kong, while the quotation of South Korea and Taiwan was positioned at $830 per ton CFR Hong Kong/China. 1. Leaf spring support and clamping method: China, increased by $10 per ton compared with last week. The quotation of GPPS in Southeast Asia is US $810 CFR per ton, while the quotation of hips is positioned at US $CFR per ton in Southeast Asia. Traders said that the rise of the PS market after adding test pieces was driven by cost factors more than demand factors. The demand of Chinese dealers is basically very weak, because the orders for refined oil are scarce. This can be reflected by the domestic GPPS price of 7500 yuan per ton (US $685 per ton import price). According to the quotation of hips in China, Jin min also developed noble, high-end and gorgeous spray free materials of different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging, with a delivery price of 7800 yuan per ton. The manufacturer's profit was in a loss state, as the styrene raw material market closed at US $per ton FOB South Korea/cfr Taiwan on Wednesday

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